Health and Fitness for Working Women

A woman’s place is in the kitchen? How many of you fierce ladies are completely repulsed with this one statement here, I know it makes my blood boil. It is a thing of the past where women were bound to the home and kitchen. These days, everybody is active, everybody is busy, if you’re not a working mom – you are probably a home maker or even a part time working mom. Either way you run a hectic schedule and rarely get any time for yourself. Due to the stress of juggling all our responsibilities, many of us struggle with physical difficulties due to lack of exercise and a healthy regime. Today I’ll be sharing my top 10 health & fitness tips for you to try:

1. Stay active throughout the day

If your job requires you to stay seated most of the day, it would be really beneficial if you chose to stand or walk around once in a while. Say you’re on the phone, instead of sitting and talking, take a short walk or pace your office. You could also take a short walk right before lunch, or don’t use the elevator and instead take the stairs.

2. Store your house with healthy snacks

Want to know a secret? When you’re craving that bag of chips, you can curb that craving by having an apple instead. A scientific study I once read suggested that crunchy vegetables and fruits send the same signals to your brain as crisps, nachos or crunchy munchies do. So instead of bringing those packaged items, buy your favorite crunchy fruits and veggies. I love my carrots!

3. Eat a good breakfast

Have you heard that breakfast is the most essential meal of the day? Well you’ve heard right and don’t ever think this is something that’s an old wives tale. If you don’t feed your body soon after you wake, it goes into starvation mode and that’s when your fat cells freak out and decide they don’t want to work anymore, in simpler words? It slows down your metabolism. So keep your breakfast going, definitely have a protein packed meal and voila!

4. Turn on the treadmill magic

Turn the settings to brisk walk and hop on for 10 minutes. Just remember to grab your dumbbells and walk with those to tone your upper body and get your heart pumping.

5. Drink lots of water

In order for your body to function properly, you have to take care of your hydration. Water should be the most essential part of your day, it helps keep you active, balances pH levels and another perk? It’s great for your skin.

6. Workout with a buddy

It always helps to have a gym partner, ALWAYS! You can give each other company, you can motivate each other and moreover you can be each other’s watcher to make sure no one strays. Gym partners are great to keep you motivated, even better if you can find more than one. Similarly if you take an aerobics or dance class, you and your friend can have fun really working it out. (This is great stress relief too!)

7. Carbs

Carbs are important, so don’t eliminate them completely. This is what gives you energy, so hike up your fruits and high fiber food intake too.

8. Pre – Workout Snacks

It is crazy how much a good, energy filled pre-workout snack can help. So grab a protein bar, an energy bar or even a banana and you’re good to go.

9. Don’t lose weight, Get fit

Never make it about losing weight, if you focus too much energy on how many pounds or inches you’re losing then you might fail. Do it to stay healthy and physically fit, eating and exercising have a huge impact on our mental and physical wellbeing. Stay active and work to feel better, not look better.

10. Be Happy

Laughter is the best medicine is truer than you think. Don’t you always feel better once you’ve had a good hearty laugh? Like life is good and everything is in place, that sort of calm you feel once you’ve laughed it off and are literally glowing from the silliness. That’s because when you laugh, all the right hormones get released! So watch that romantic comedy or that funny tv series and laugh. Also good exercise for your face muscles?

These were just some of the things I use to get through my hectic schedule positive and happy. You know what’s great? This isn’t even just for the working moms out there;we know that homemaker is definitely a full time job too! So these tips essentially work for everyone and I hope you enjoyed them! Till next Monday, have a good one.