5 Slimming Foods You Should Eat Everyday

Winter is finally here and around this time is when we actually start to binge eat because during the winter the body needs more energy therefore our diet needs change drastically and sometimes dangerously too. During the summer, we need foods that keep us light and cool, therefore a lot of us will focus on eating fruits/veggies and get our daily dose of water in too. It also brings the need for fresh juices, milk and things like kacchi lassi in our part of the world. But lo and behold as soon as winter hits we need our proteins, carbs, nuts and fruit to keep us warm and toasty during the winter. Somehow over the years I have noticed that winters also call for more comfort food, as you snuggle in at home to keep away from the gruelling cold temperatures so much like every other month that I do a post about food one can eat to stay fit, today’s blog is going to focus on 10 foods that help you lose weight, maintain weight and can be part of your daily diet.

1. Water

The reason I have picked this to be #1 is because, well it simply deserves to be. Whenever you are on your way to losing weight the first thing your doctor will ask you to focus on is your water intake. Normally a nutritionist recommends 2 glasses of water as soon as you wake up and then 8 glasses till the end of your day. Water helps your metabolism run faster and well water is what you need to lose your initial water weight too!

2. Chocolate

Wait, What? Did you do a double take too? Yep, so did I but apparently its true. People who regularly eat chocolate and do not deprive themselves are apparently slimmer. According to research doctors suggest that it is better not to deprive yourself of things you like/need, because when you start depriving yourself is when things actually go south when it comes to losing or keeping weight off. Also, chocolate is known to be a “feel good” snack, in fact it is also rumoured to have the same impact on your brain as falling in love does.

3. Cottage Cheese

Cottage cheese is the best when it comes to wholesome dairy; packed with calcium and protein this is the one cheese doctors recommend for a dairy rich diet that will still help you lose weight. Research shows that people with a dairy diet high in calcium and protein can consume 200 extra calories and still lose weight!

4. Eggs

Starting your day with protein/eggs helps maintain energy for you throughout the day. Doctors recommend starting your day with a protein not only because it helps manage energy but also because proteins help kick start your metabolism and keep it going hard and strong all day! So instead of your bagel or cereal in the morning, try cracking open a boiled egg or if you prefer them fried just skip out on the bread to go with it and eat your friend egg with a spoon. Otherwise no one has ever hated a low fat frittata!

5. Pickles

Here’s what doctors say, they say that when you are craving something crunchy (like potato chips) instead of curbing your “crunch” craving with the unhealthy version, try the healthy version. For me, namely, pickles! They satisfy your need for something crunchy and savoury at the same time. What else is great? You burn more calories digesting pickles, than you do consuming them! What with all the vinegar content and all. So if you are a pickle fan, this is great news for you!

I often reiterate in a ton of my blogs that while you need to watch what you eat, exercise is highly important too. But if you have your schedule full and don’t have time to go work out – as long as you have a super active lifestyle and maintain your diet with metabolism savvy foods, you should have no trouble losing or maintaining weight. Remember, never do it to simply look good, do it because you want to be healthy and happy – for yourself, and for your family. Always remember to leave comments on my FB page or below and until next time have a happy, healthy week!