What’s in style this winter?

What’s your favourite season of the year? I couldn’t really pick one if I wanted to, since all of them have their own charm, even summer despite the ones we have in Pakistan. But as you might imagine reading my blogs over the years, my personal favourite in terms of fashion is fall /winter fashion. It’s been a few years of revival in fashion coming from the 50’s, 60’s and now finally the 80’s! I’m excited to share a few of my top choices for the 2015 winter so here we go:

Fluff (Fur, Faux, Foxy)

Are you a fan of pomp and circumstance? Like furry, fluffy things? Then go for it this winter, from scarves, coats, jackets to capes – keep it fluffy! If you’re into animal rights, give faux fur a shot. Right now I have my eyes on a gorgeous, furry emerald green over coat with the fluffiest neckline out there!

Eighties Revival

You know how sometimes when your mom pulls out some of her old drags, you find a piece that is timeless and set your heart on adding it to your wardrobe? Well this year, start asking your mama to hand over those gems! Or your elder sisters if they were around in the 80’s! Because, fashion world is bringing the 80’s back!

Boho Chic

This style goes hand in hand with the one above because boho chic is what is known for the classic vintage look. Trust me, nothing says charismatic yet adventurous, as boho chic does. Soft fabrics, light colours, frills, a bit of leather paired with flat boots, flats and chunky jewels, I have got to say, this might be my go to in 2015!

More Jewelry

You know what they say, if you’ve got it, flaunt it. So this winter go flaunt all that jewelry and don’t think twice about it. The plus point? Everything goes as long as it can pass as jewelry!

Glam Geek

I don’t know about you, but I am kinda digging the nerdy girl look these days! Bringing us to another trend we might see a lot of this winter. Taking geek and turning it glam! This trend will see a lot of straight pants, turtle neck sweaters, straight jackets and even chunky boots. Mix that up with some sophisticated hues in makeup and a classic lined eye, voila – you have a glammed up geek. Oh don’t forget, if you’re a glasses kinda gal, your spectacles could be their own style statement.

Check Mate

Are you a fan or Burberry or good ol’ plaid? Then this my dear is the year for you! When it comes to jackets or even sweaters the runway has seen a great mixture of colour and style in check designs. I say rummage through your mom’s closet and find her check statements to make them your own!

Though I like some of these more than the others, it’s safe to say this is going to be a hip and happening winter! The 80’s is when a lot of us current lot were born, I think it will be exciting to revisit what our iconic women were sporting in the 80’s. Hope you enjoyed my winter round up! For questions and feedback inbox me on Facebook, until next Monday, have a fabulous week!