Special Tips for the Bride To Be

1. Avoid soap and facewash

Even though these are a great and integral part of your daily routine, right before your wedding you might want to skip out on these. I’m sure you’re wondering what to use as a replacement? Well I might sound like your mom, but try using a mixture of besan, milk & turmeric. Or even your good ol’ ubtan. Use it to wash your face twice daily for clearer, brighter skin.

2. Moisturize your skin

Considering that we Pakistanis like to get married during the winter, this one is essential. It would be terrible to have to go get your make up done with dry patchy skin, it doesn’t work on a regular day, how could it possibly do on your wedding? Try a day and night regimen, with the proper kind of cream. If you have oily skin, stick to good old oil of olay day and night for soft, smooth and silky skin.

3. Facials every 21 days

Even though facials aren’t recommended very frequently, if you have about 3-4 months to your wedding book yourself 4 sessions, landing one at least 2-3 days before your big day. Make sure it is a tried and tested facial to avoid any mishaps and always rely on the most expert hands to do it for you!

4. Schedule weekly Mani/Pedis

Face it, with all your jewelery and whatever heels you pick, your hands and feet have to look absolutely on point! Especially if your planning to have henna clad hands and feet. This also gives you a chance to try on different nail colours to see which one suits your dress the best!

5. Eat Healthy

If you can bear it lay off the sugar and processed foods. These all lead to not only weight gain, but keep you pretty bloated. Also try and keep your carbs to a minimum. Fatty foods affect our skin in a harmful way too, alongwith causing some major lethargy. So try to keep your diet green and healthy, focus on eating salads and fruits. Oh and a big special NO to fried foods, these are the biggest acne causing menace!

6. Hit the Gym

I know this one’s the hardest but trust me you’ll end up thanking yourself! Working out not only helps you lose weight, it keeps you active for all those crazy preps that are never ending (try venturing out in the evening to avoid the sun). Working out also releases endorphins that eliminate stress and leave you feeling happy!

Hope these tips will help you get prepped and ready for your big day! Watch our for more of my wedding season blogs coming up this month. Until next time, have a good one!