Common Beauty Myths Debunked

Happy Monday darlings!

The pleasant winds of February are ending and March is ready to kick-off. Last night while taking a stroll, I heard two ladies exchanging their beauty secrets and tricks. Their conversation intrigued me and I started listening more eagerly. Some of the tricks and ‘myths’ they discussed were not true. I knew they were not true. I so wanted to interrupt them and tell them that these were just myths and had nothing to do with reality.
Beauty myths are timeless. They have been passed on to one generation from another and dictate a great part of our beauty regimes. Our grannies and moms have told us zillion times how they had spotless skin and shiny hair during their youth. Where most of their tales about beauty are true, others are nothing but a faux notion. We all come across multiple beauty myths that are boldly preached and adhered to. We religiously follow them without even making an effort to know if they actually work or not. If you’re afraid to challenge your granny’s tried and tested beauty myths, don’t worry. Let me make it easy for you. Here are some of the most common beauty myths that are going to be quashed in no time!

Putting oil on oily skin can cause acne and breakouts

NO. If you have oily skin then that doesn’t mean you deprive it of moisture and oil. You might wanna rub it with an oil-control face wash, exfoliate till it hurts but that’s not gonna help. Our skin (even if it’s oily) needs hydration and moisture to keep it oil balanced. If you have an oily or acne prone skin, it’s not wise to use too many oil-control products. This causes your skin to produce more oil to compensate for the natural oil level that is needed for a healthy skin. Essential skin oils and moisturizers are necessary to keep skin balanced and hydrated. You can limit the usage though; if dry skin needs a gentle massage twice a day, oily skin might get away with one. Completely shunning oils and moisturizers just because your skin is oily is of no use. It’s not gonna make it less oily, ladies.

Shaving your hair makes them grow thicker

I mean seriously? This is one of THE most common myths we all have come across while growing up. The unshaved forest of hair on your skin might feel softer but that doesn’t mean the forest is gonna grow thicker after you shave. Yes, I am sorry. Razors for women might sound like a terrible idea but it’s just a false belief with no scientific proof. Actually, when you shave, you cut the hair shaft from the middle without even touching the follicle. Shaved hair grows back from the follicle with same density but only feels thicker because of the flat edge. It is an illusion guys, so don’t fall for it.

You can repair split ends with shampoos and serums

Busted big time! Split ends only have one cure: a nice trim. Shampoos and serums that claim to fix split ends are misleading and deceptive. Split ends are the oldest hair and they have seen countless sun exposures, heat treatments and washes. Like us and all other things, our hair have a lifecycle. The split ends are the dead hair. Putting on serums and conditioners can make your healthy and smooth but they can’t heal the split ends. Because duh, you can’t heal what’s dead!

Chocolate, fries and pizza can prompt pimples and spots

Nope, not buying that! The good news: it’s just a myth. Acnes and breakout is an outcome of so many things and a slice of pizza cannot be blamed for giving you a skin spot, neither is chocolate or fries for that matter. It’s not like you eat any of these and Kaboom! A zit is gonna pop up. Hell no. Having said that, I don’t imply (let’s be clear, ok?) you should binge on these food all the time. Skin problems are caused by an unbalanced diet in addition to various other factors. A diet that has a lot of junk and oil is OBVIOUSLY not healthy and is most likely to give you those blemishes. A healthy diet will give you a healthy gut which eventually will give you healthier skin. Pizza on weekends and some chocolate after you burn some calories are definitely blissful.

Pulling a grey hair will cause many more to grow

Ouch that’s terrifying but how about no? Fortunately this statement has nothing to with facts. The evil sorcerer who came up with this myth did quite well as most of us still believe that plucking a grey hair will grow six (some sources say seven!) more. I mean we cannot change the follicle count we have (the hair that come out of each follicle may vary in number and size though). If you get a grey in your 40s or even 20s and don’t really like it, you CAN pull it out with tweezers. If that doesn’t sound like a good idea, you can always go for a dye. There’s no scientific proof that plucking a grey hair will grow multiple others. So all you secret pluckers, pull out that grey that has been bothering you for a long time!

A nice bedtime brushing with 100 strokes will give you Rapunzel’s hair

Hello, wake up! It’s the 21st century. Life is not a fairytale (how we wish it could be!) and no such trick works in the real world. We often hear that brushing your hair with at least hundred strokes before going to bed will make them shine more and grow thicker. Sadly, that’s not true. Brushing surely helps you get rid of the tangles but over brushing can make your hair dry, fizzy and static. If you already have color-treated or dry hair, you’ll be doing more harm than good. Brush as much as your hair need and don’t fall for such nasty claims.

That’s pretty much about it ladies! Here you have it; some common beauty myths debunked. What are other common beauty myths that you have come across or believe in? Any beauty secrets that you know and wanna share? Feel free to buzz me on my Facebook page, I’d love to hear! Until next time, stay beautiful!

Love, Redah.