The Importance of Staying Hydrated

Happy Monday ladies! Winter is in full swing and I am loving it! Hope you’re also making the most of it. Winter is the time where our urge to have coffee, tea and hot beverages increases. And if some deep fried snacks accompany that hot cuppa coffee or karrak chai, your day is made. What we often miss out on is the absolute need of drinking enough water in winter.
The season demands us to stay warm and we happily munch on dried fruits, drink more hot beverages to enjoy it to the fullest. I am not against your coffee or dried fruits; in fact, a calculated portion of these is healthy. What I am trying to say is that we ignore the most important beverage in winter: water. Ever realized that your day is almost ending and it suddenly hits you in the head that you just drank a glass (or two) of water the whole day? Well if yes, then you are not alone. The reason is we just don’t feel thirsty as we are not sweating and our body tends to store our water intake and it keeps us going. Those of you who have a gym/workout routine are slightly better off as your body releases toxins through sweat and fresh water enters the body. Those of you who have a tight schedule or office routine (which often requires a lot of sitting) should be more concerned about their water intake.
Dehydration is ugly. I’m calling it ugly because it damages both your internal system and appearance. It is as likely to happen in winters as in summers for one obvious reason: less water intake. I don’t wanna be preachy about the benefits of water because we all know that water IS life! No matter what we drink, the satisfaction of quenching our thirst with water is matchless. Bebo aptly said “Ye cola wola apni jagha, paani ka kaam paani hi karta hai” and I can’t agree more. While we are at it, let me give you some hints about your low water intake. These are the signs that you are not drinking enough water.

Dry mouth and/or skin

Dryness is a hint of dehydration and you should take it seriously. People who drink less water are more prone to dryness of mouth and skin. Winter is the season when we think dryness is normal and we use lotions, moisturizers, lip balms and other cosmetics to get rid of it. Add water to those beauty treatments and you won’t be disappointed to see the results!
Headache & dizziness. Ever felt a mild or moderate headache coupled with dizziness at work all of a sudden? If yes, then this could be a sign that your water intake is low. Lethargy (besides the sleeplessness, of course) is one of the ways of your body telling you to drink more water. If you feel dizzy regardless of the last night’s beauty sleep, you better drink more water.

Know your shi**!

Might sound gross but keep a check of your pee. If it’s amber or brownish then consider it as a sign of dehydration or low water intake. This is more likely to happen in winter because we tend to drink less than usual in cold. Periodic constipation could also mean that you are not drinking enough water. Water lubricates EVERYTHING in our body; even our digestive tracks so you should hydrate well.

Increased heartbeat

If your heart pounds a little too much (even when you’re not into horror movies or your friend doesn’t play a scary prank) then it’s a concern that you should be concerned about. A fluttery heartbeat, sometimes, means that your body needs more water. Water regulates blood pressure and it can help you stay calm. Having eight glasses of water (that’s widely preached but it varies according to different body types) is a must to stay hydrated during any given day.

The hunger games

If you feel hungry even after eating enough at a time then this could mean that you are drinking less water. Our bodies get water from water-based fruits and vegetables so minor hunger pangs after a hearty meal often indicate one thing: you need to drink a glass of water. So next time you feel hungry after eating, gulp down a glass of water before rushing to the snack bar or vending machine. I don’t wanna scare you by stating these horrific symptoms but we all should be aware of them. Having said that, let me state a few tips here that can be helpful in maintaining a healthy drinking (pun intended) routine.

Set a reminder

Setting up a reminder can help you maintain a routine of water intake. A lot of water-reminder apps are available that are just a download away (I have one in my cellphone too). Everyone owns a smartphone these days, and even those who don’t, can easily set a reminder. This can boost your water intake and will help you set a routine!

Keep a water bottle

I have seen my colleagues not getting up from their seat to fetch water from the next room because it is SO much work! The solution for such laziness is water bottle. You should always keep it at your work station so that whenever you feel like having water, you don’t have to do much about it. Take it as one of your beauty essentials. Think about leaving your cozy bed and warm fluffy blanket to go in the kitchen to have water, doesn’t sound good right? Just keep a water bottle at the side table of your bed so that you can avoid this trauma!

Flavorful water, maybe?

We like to detox more in summer; infusing water with cucumber, mint, sliced lemon and ginger. This could be done in winter too. I mean, think about it – you’ll stay hydrated and your taste buds won’t mind either. This also keeps you fuller so you tend to eat less. Isn’t this a treat when you are trying to cut those extra pounds?

Eat your water

Yes. Adding water-based fruits and vegetables in your routine can help you maintain your water intake. Food such as cucumber, lettuce, tomatoes, berries, radishes and grapefruit are loaded with water. So don’t just drink water – bite it, chew it, savor it!

Keep these tips in mind and you’ll be able to keep dehydration at bay. Let’s raise a glass to a healthy self! Hope today’s blog was informative. Let me know how you ensure a healthy water intake during the day in winters. Until next time, stay hydrated & beautiful!

Love, Redah.