Styling Your Man!

Hola lovelies! January is ending and we have just a month till spring shines upon us with its beautiful colors. I have often spoken about (actually written about) fashion trends, style tips, grooming, personal care, beauty measures, so on and so forth about women but I have never really enlightened men (chuckles) with my knowledge! So this post is dedicated to our heroes without capes. Girls, your man might be a style icon but there is always a room for getting groovier and taking one’s style up a notch. We live in a world where men are equally passionate about fashion, personal care and hygiene (which is a great thing, by the way). Metrosexuals are often frowned upon but in my opinion, if a guy likes to stay clean, up-to-date with the fashion trends and manages to pull off a trendy outlook, he should be appreciated and above all should be accepted. Having said that, let’s have a fashion roundup for men along with some tips on how they can add on to their swag in 2016.

The Baggy Trouser

Yup, they are back! Let’s bid farewell to those straight-legged and skinny jeans as baggy trousers are making a splash this spring and summer. Paired up with white sneakers and a cool tee, they are just perfect for a breezy spring evening or a hot summer day. I am hoping to see Eminem and Snoop Dogg in our native men and I am sure you are equally excited.

Bomber Jackets

Jackets and coats might be associated with winters but Bomber Jackets are going to set the pace for spring fashion in 2016. When I say jackets, I don’t mean those heavy-ass pieces of clothes loaded with layers; instead I mean lighter textures and hues that are easy to carry and perfectly go with any street-style look. Let’s make a noise for this casual chic and look out which local brands are edgy enough to roll out Bomber Jackets for our heroes!

White Chinos and Trousers

I love white. There’s something about this color that’s so special: presence of all colors. If paired carefully, white pants can take your style to whole new level. This spring/summer, white chinos and trousers will define the urban look for guys and I just can’t wait for it (who doesn’t like some eye candy, right?). Complimentary with brights and shades of navy blues, they look gorgeous with accessories like brown boots and belts. Not even with the tees, white denim and chinos can be paired with button down shirts for a peppy weekend night out in summers. Ladies, get ready for some spice when your man would make the heads turn during a hangout.

Fifty Shades of 50s

Time to take a trip down the memory lane! Yes, the fashion that ruled most of the fifties is back with a bang. Boys need to relax with those loose polos and signature fifties shirts paired perfectly with tailored pants and wayfarers (damn, that’s sexy!). The silhouette is on point with both pastel and darker shades but contrast is the key while carrying out this look. So girls, you know what exactly to look forward to when you and your man go out for a relaxing brunch!

Shorter Shorts

A little skin show never killed nobody! I don’t need to say much about men in shorts. It’s edgy, it’s outrageous and it’s gripping. From light colors to darker shades to varied prints, relatively shorter shorts will make every girl swoon this summer. Suitable for sweltering summer, this particular style is in harmony with our indigenous weather. So boys, keep shorts short this summer and pair ‘em up with button down shirts and loafers for a happening look (girls, I know what you are thinking).

After presenting you with the spring/summer 2016 fashion trends, let me spell out some fashion tips for men.

Body Type Matters

Guys should know their body type. Some guys are tall (thanks to those family genes and/or a healthy teen routine) and it’s slightly easy for them to experiment with their looks and dressing style. Guys who are relatively short find it difficult to style on daily basis but that doesn’t mean they can’t make others look at them, twice! Wearing mono-color clothes, robes, cardigans and darker shades can help them enhance their body posture and they can also stay on point in high fashion. Wearing shoes with some heel can also help them look taller.

Encourage them to be a gym rat

There’s nothing sexier about a guy who, besides giving you his time, takes out time for gym. I don’t need to explain why working out is such is a big deal for both men and women. If your man is thinking about hitting the gym, push him to actually make it happen. Think about that shirt or pair of pants he’ll rock after he has attained a desired body type.

Sock is no Joke!

I have seen so many guys who are such a disappointment when it comes to matching socks with their attire or shoes, don’ t let your man be one of them, PLEASE! Choice of socks can make or break your look so choose wisely. Don’t wear flashy socks with formal attire and don’t ruin your casual look by wearing boring socks.


Accessories are a great way to perk up your classy look. Accessories are not only a great deal in woman’s fashion but also in men. Remember Joey’s “Man Bag”? I am sure you do. Be experimental and pick up the right kind of accessories (bags, bracelets, belts, etc.) to compliment your OOTD!

Loosen Up

Sit back and take a deep breath, boys. Rolled up sleeves, button down shirt and neatly tucked-in shirt with tailored pants are just perfect for any body type. Let’s loosen up, just the way summer demands!

Shoe Show

Just like some guys say that the first thing they notice about a woman is their shoe or feet or that matter, girls are also a keen observer of a man’s shoe. So next time you go shopping with your man, make them invest in a pair of good shoes (you can even gift them, if you are feeling generous!). A good pair of shoes is most likely to get noticed by everyone so make sure your man gets just the right one.

The Power of Details

Never underestimate what details can do. I think it’s absolutely imperative for a man to select things that compliment his main outfit. Details such as tie of your knot, color of your pocket square, layers of your muffler and texture of your scarf can greatly enhance your look so be careful what you choose to pep up your main outfit.

Let’s introduce the maxim “behind every stylish man is a smart woman”, after all, women know the best! Let me know how you are helping your man to be just on point with his style this season. Until next time, stay stylish!