Eight Big Make Up Trends for 2014

Hola Senioritas!

How’s it hanging? Hope you had a wonderful Mother’s Day weekend and did something extra special for that special, lovely lady in your life & if you are a Mom yourself, I hope your babies & hubby helped make Mother’s Day special for you! We’ve already talked about summer colors when it comes to clothing, but I have yet to reveal what the summer make up trends are going to be for the year 2014. Just like have sort of started moving backwards when it comes to fashion, as the world moves ahead, old trends continue to re-emerge. And why shouldn’t they? They are just SO good!

This year some of the make up trends are re-emerging from the past as well. What I love about some of the changes in not only the fashion industry but in the make up industry as well is the movement towards from bright, vibrant colors, especially for the summer! Summer’s are so hot & heavy, the only thing that can get you through the day is some bright clothes & subtle yet bright make up. Come, lets look at some of the make up trends taking us through the summer of 2014:

1. Orange Lips

Be it neon, be it a red orange or be it coral, orange is definitely the color to paint your lips this summer. Considering that this one is a tricky color to work with & it may not suit every skin tone, you gotta be real careful when picking a shade. If you want an instant, glide on color try going for a lip crayon.

Here are some colors you can consider: Revlon’s ColorBurst Crayon Matte Balm, Rimmel’s Coral Queen, Nar’s Heat Wave

2. Purple Make Up

Orchids, Lilacs & Lavender’s for anyone and everyone who loves PURPLE! (Including me) This gals, is your season. Whether you want purple shaded eyes or purple shaded lips, go for it! Its been invading all the runway fashion and lets not forget MAC’s new line based on the Disney villain “Maleficent” which includes different hues of purple & a very sexy red lipstick. Me on the other hand, I love any color of purple on the nails, that is definitely a great way to go!

Here are some colors you can consider: Revlon nail color in Charming, Revlon’s Kissable Bitten Lip Balm in Darling Cherie (my fav!)

3. Graphic Eye Liner

Here’s something else that’s made a comeback from the Late 1950’s-60’s. Graphic eyeliner, so this can be BIG, winged, angled, or basically anything you want to do just make sure its a bold look! Going back to the Retro age make up wise, a fun graphic eye liner can go a long way, though I’d suggest this one to stay faithful to the night, lighter eyes are prettier during the day icttime! Check out the blog image to know what I’m talking about

4. Golden Glows

Tan is out, a sheer golden glow is SO in! Going back to age of Cleopatra, this summer is all about glowing! So when you’re looking for a blush, bronzer or highlighter try picking a shade that is a dull gold, instead of bronze! Nothing goes better with make up, then a pretty summery glow.

Here are some colors you can choose from: Revlon PhotoReady Cream Blush in Pinched.

5. Aqua

For eyeshadows this year, choose some blue hues to keep it cool! This is a trend that’s brimming in from last year because 2013 was all about blue eyes, but last year it was restricted to eye shadow, this year you will see a lot of blue eye liner & mascara as well. Blue channels the cold, so going for a blue eye will definitely make your summer calmer!

Here are some colors you can choose from: Maybelline Master Kajal Kohl Line in Lapis Blue, NYX Eyeshadow in Atlantic.

6. Barefaced Beauty

The irony about this blog? The biggest, most hit trend for this summer is the bare faced look, which means little to almost no make up, obviously this is an art as well. Victoria Beckham is big on this oen as well but remember it doesn’t mean you wear no make up at all, it means you gotta make your face look flawless!

What you can look for: A great concealer, BB cream or the best tinted moisturizer out there.

7. White Liner

This ones coming back from the nineties and to be honest I am not quite sure how I feel about this one. I like lining the lower water line with a white liner because it helps make small eyes really pop out, or just a smidge near the corner of your eyes. Nonetheless this year even eye liner is about white if you want it to be. The best thing about this trend though, white goes with anything under the sun!

Sure shot products for the White Liner: Gosh Kohl Eyeliner in White, NYX Eye Shadow Base in White

For the last one I picked the weirdest trend for this summer, which in other words means I do NOT stand behind this one

8. School Boy Eyebrows

Yep. It is exactly as it sounds, this means basically they are asking you to not hit the salon & have your brows shaped this year. And no girls, in no way am I encouraging this one, it might look great on the run way but I don’t know how you will feel about it if you do go ahead with it.

Channel your old diva or pull out some old photos of your mom or elder siblings to see what kinda trends they used to follow. Remember Retro Modern is the way to go this year, be it clothes, accessories, make up or shoes! I for one LOVE color and playing around with color when it comes to make up. So this is the year for you if you love a bright, bold look, go out with your red/orange lips & your beautiful blue eyes. Looking good, will always make you feel good. Leave your comments & feedback for my blogs on my Facebook page and let me know what you would like me to blog about. Until next Monday, have a gorgeous week!