Celeb Skin Care Secrets

Hi girlies!
How’s March, or should I say, spring treating you? I’m totally in love with the evening breeze. So, a couple of days ago one of friends was discussing her celebrity crush. She went on and on about her obsession with their style, fashion sense, body and obviously, skin.

We all have wondered (at some point in our lives) how celebrities always have that “natural” glow and a picture-perfect face. Where common answers are “I drink a lot of water” or “It’s all about the genes”, it really isn’t all about that. For celebrities, it’s all about their looks (duh) and they would push their limits to stay at the top of their game. Where makeup gets most of the job done, there are other things that contribute to the perfect look a celebrity has. Today, I’m going to talk about my favorite celebrity who gives every woman a run for her femininity with her beauty. Curious? Keep reading.

One of the most powerful international superstars, an influential business woman, a fashion muse and a loving mother; Beyonce has redefined what a diva is really capable of. From being a red carpet attraction to THE face of top notch magazines, Bey has enchanted millions with her beauty and spunk. Her smile is alluring. Her hair speak volumes. Her skin reminds you of gold. A beautiful blend of sex symbol and good girl charm, she is the epitome of perfection and completely fits the title of her hit single “Flawless” (because let’s just admit it, she is flawless).

So where does all this glow come from? How does she manage to rock a picture-ready look? Why doesn’t she seem to age? Where the answer to most of the questions is a smart choice of makeup, it’s definitely not the only factor. Being a fangirl, I dig her interviews, statements and EVERYTHING that helps me to get to know her better (creepy? Come on, we all do that). If you’re one of those you who like to get a celebrity-like skin, this post is for you (read it first and thank me later!). Presenting to you some of the skin care secrets that I discovered about the Queen Bee:

Look more awake with these anti-fatigue tricks
Every girl despises eye bags and puffy eyes that come naturally due to our hectic routines and lifestyle. You can well imagine what a super busy star like Beyonce goes through when she is touring, recording, rehearsing and working during most part of the day. Fatigue shows through eyes and that’s what needs to be fixed right away. Invest in an eye cream and put it on. Active ingredients in the eye cream will help you get rid of the puffiness and you’ll look fresh. Always keep your sunglasses handy (Beyonce uses Ray-Bans) and never go out under the sun without putting them on. A, they add on to your style and B, they protect your eyes from heat and harmful rays. Bonus trick? Put a little bit of gold eye shadow in the inner corners of your eyes (Bey does that) to look more awake and active.

How to get that velvety sheen Bey is known for
Beyonce’s lustrous skin makes every paparazzi go nuts whenever she makes a public appearance. Her secret behind that golden glow? Yes, it’s bronzer. Layer it on if you’re into a little bit of skin show. By the way, if you’re wondering which one to pick out of the unlimited options then go for L’Oreal Paris Sublime Bronze One Day Gel (because Queen Bee uses that, end of story).

Age-defying secret: Moisture
I have explained the importance of moisturizing your skin like, I don’t know, a zillion times. Oily, normal or dry, our skin needs moisture. A part of it comes from drinking plenty of water but most of it is provided by a moisturizer. Aging is not always spotted from hairline to chin but often shows through neck, hands, knees and feet. Dabbing up your skin with a moisturizing lotion can delay the process of wrinkles (trust Beyonce). “I go to bed looking totally greasy” says the woman who is known for her glamour.

Those curves didn’t occur overnight, maintaining a calorie watch gets the job done
Obviously, the first step of having a healthy skin is to be healthy from within. Limiting the use of junk and eating clean go a long way. Cereal in breakfast, a hearty salad in lunch and a light dinner makes up Beyonce’s diet during the day. However, on weekends, she doesn’t hesitate to treat herself with whatever she wants. In addition, working out is good for body maintenance. It helps keeping your body in shape and gets the toxins out through sweat. For a star like Beyonce, regular rehearsing for two and a half hours replaces the need of a workout but she still hits the gym to uphold her perfect curves. Want some more? Juice kale and drink it. Lots of it. One of the healthiest veggies ever, kale has plenty of vitamin K and it is brilliant for regulating blood circulation (hush, we don’t want Bey to know that we know this!).

How to make your hair and makeup last longer like Sasha Fierce
Regardless of the fact that Beyonce likes sun-kissed natural locks and less “made-up” face, she loves to hold a look for her performances and public appearances. M.A.C. Fix+ is an after spray she loves to put on her face after applying powder (she keeps it her purse all the time). It ditches the chalkiness and makes the skin look more like skin. To hold her favorite hairstyle, L’Oreal Elnett hairspray is her one and only choice (it can be seen in her 7/11 music video). Now you know how to nail a perfect outdoor look, don’t you?

Put on a signature scent and smile at your haters
Lastly, the scent of a woman says a lot about her. One always feels confident when they smell nice. Just like her music, Beyonce’s signature perfume, Heat, is all about bringing on that confident aura. “A woman is most beautiful when she smiles” says Beyonce. Smile often and feel good about yourself; you’ll look more appealing.

That’s all folks! Tell me what you know about your celebrity crush and which beauty rituals do they follow. It’s always nice to hear from you guys. Those of you who stay in touch with me on Facebook, I love you all! Until next time, stay Bey-utiful!
Love, Redah.