Makeup School Secrets Revealed (Part One)

Fall is upon us! The great rains that flooded our city last week have paved way to some “milder” weather. I won’t say “cooler” because the day time can still be pretty excruciating with all the humidity and sun, but the evenings are definitely seeming a lot better and I feel a lesser need to run the air conditioning all day. The reason I keep channeling fall is because the monsoon weather has a horrid effect on our skin & hair; which right about now I am totally over! Not to mention how I am totally a winter gal and I love me some winter clothes and winter makeup.

So as I sat pondering over what to discuss with you guys this week I thought hey, a lot of the questions you guys ask me last week were related to makeup and I understand how important the right makeup routine is. Seemingly I’ve given you guys a ton of tips already, but with makeup you can never do enough to get it just right. No matter how hard you try or even I try as a makeup artist, when you are working on yourself, you tend to make a few mistakes here and there. Therefore today I am going to do something that in my profession would be considered super taboo, but hey – here goes nothing… coming to you in two parts here are some of the makeup industries biggest secrets revealed.

1. Spend Money On Your Makeup Tools:

A lot of people will skimp out on the brushes and various other makeup tools they use. Well secret # 1 – makeup artists ‘always’ use the best tools in the house. If when you come see us at the salon for makeup, you expect to find the best makeup and tools for the job, why be stingy about it at home? The proper brushes and blenders make a big difference to how well you get your makeup on. For instance a Foundation brush was designed to help you apply foundation flawlessly and a crease brush is designed to give your eye makeup the impeccable crease. So never buy cheap makeup tools, or at least spend good money on the most basic ones you need, which are as follows: Foundation brush, Concealer brush, blush brush, small blender brush, flat eye shadow brush, eye lash curler, precision angle brush, stippling brush, lip stick brush and a blush brush.

(Tip: How you hold your tools matters too!)

2. Add Primer To Your Foundation:

Now we all know there are 3 types of foundation liquid cream and powder. So when you decide to use liquid or cream foundation, add a little primer. Why add more primer when you already applied primer to your face? Simply because adding primer will diffuse the “cake” effect. That’s right, primer helps make your liquid or cream foundation a little less thick, therefore helping your face look like it’s not painted on. An added advantage is t that your foundation will last longer!

(Tip: For people with oily skin, if you want to use cream or liquid foundation, apply it with a wet beauty blender. The dampness will help eliminate the oiliness in the foundation and leave you with only pigment on your face.)

3. Practice Every Chance You Get:

You know how they say practice makes perfect? Well it does. I had this weird habit as a little girl/teenager, whenever I was up late at night and extremely bored I would apply makeup. I would try and attempt a recent look I had seen that I liked or I tried to imitate techniques I had seen my mom or other makeup artists use. How did that help? It made me better at applying makeup. Though I had to go to makeup school to learn the art, the practice did ensure that I got good at applying my own makeup at a really early age.

(Tip: Make a fun night in with your girls, practice doing each other’s makeup!)

4. Two Words: Conceal & Highlight:

In many of my previous makeup blogs I cannot emphasize enough on the importance of concealing and highlighting. These two are major components of how good your makeup looks and well, no doubt the most time consuming and technical part of makeup too. But if you keep an eye out on my Facebook page I often post techniques to learn concealing and highlighting.

(Tip: If you are going for a matte bronzer, don’t forget to use highlighter that is a shade lighter to help right reflect off the right angles.)

5. You Can Alter The Shape Of Your Eyes Using Makeup:

A lot of people come to me saying how much they hate the shape of their eyes, but you would be amazed if you found out what a major difference # 4 can have of # 5. That’s right, just like you can alter the shape of your face by concealing and highlighting; you can alter the shape of your eyes through certain eye makeup techniques, or the right ones at least. For instance if you have small set eyes, instead of lining your lower water line with kajal or black pencil, try using a white pencil – it will make your eyes pop. Or instead line your upper water line with kajal to make your lashes look thicker and eyes look fuller.

Now only a girl knows how, just like you cannot have enough clothes, shoes or makeup (or handbags, or jewellery, or chocolate or . . . ) you cannot have enough makeup tips. Also I did not want to bore in just one blog by going on and on and on spilling so many secrets so – hold your horses until the next blog to see what other makeup secrets I will revealing!

In the mean time, get your engines revving because next month I am starting a brand new segment on my Monday blog. So stay tuned to see what is hot and happening next month along with some more beauty secrets. Until next Monday – have a fabulous week!