6 Bad Habits That Kill Your Skin

You gotta face it girls, no matter how much you think you’re taking care of your skin and doing it right, ever so often it happens – you’re not. Sometimes knowingly or unknowingly despite taking really good care of ourselves and doing everything we can to make sure our face is flawless all the time, just sometimes, there is this crazy itch we need to scratch and that “itch” can be just the end of it if I can put it dramatically. Sometimes it takes as little as changing a small bad habit to stop a recurring skin condition that you can’t seem to understand.

Considering that it is the season of bad habits and bad weather, I thought it apt to put down some bad habits you might want to drop if you want better healthier looking skin. Just ask yourself about that last piece of decadent chocolate, I know it tastes heavenly and feels so good but lo and behold a few days later it pops up on your nose looking like that ugly little bump, how awful would it be if it was a big day for you! Alright, I won’t push it but here we go with our list of skin sins that we all indulge in here and there.

1. Don’t pop that zit!

How many times have you heard it and how many people have you heard it from? Girl, just don’t pop that zit. Please, I know when you see it on your face you want to do nothing but quickly and swiftly get rid of that pimple but really its the worst thing you can do to yourself. Always remember that if you pop your zit, it will haunt you for a long long time. Also when you pop that zit you release bacteria into your skin causing more breakouts and possible skin damage too! Hands off – Lemon on. Its simple one but works, all you need to do is dab a lemon on your zit if you have nothing else.

2. Harmful Scrubs

Not all scrubs are worth spending the money on and not all scrubs are for you, always remember that. Though there are some great scrubs out there for at home use, just make sure when you’re picking one its the right “one”. Some scrubs are packed with things that can cause skin abrasions and damage. Some scrubs can also cause micro-scarring. If you’re addicted to scrubs try to find ones based in sugar, or jojoba seeds and make sure they are shell free, also limit exfoliation to 2 times a week.

3. Moisturising when your dry
We all dry up right after we wash our face or get out of the shower and then go for the lotion. Well next time stop yourself and before you dry off reach for your lotion and lather up! This helps moisture from water lock into your skin as well, keeping it fresh and hydrated. If you dry your skin the water evaporates leaving your pores and taking away nourishing oils, the moisturiser you use will only do so much.

4. Bar soap for your Face

All right ladies, fess up? How many of you are off and on guilty of using bar soap to wash your face and yes, I also mean all the ones that claim to be absolutely wonderful for your face. Unless it is a specialized, medicated, made for your face bar soap – its useless. In todays day and age and with all the wonderful brands out there that are making great face wash for all skins and types, don’t kill your most precious dermis by using a regular bar soap. Just consider it, even if you pick an expensive one, how quick can you run out? Budget in a great face was that really suits you – trust me it’ll take care of your skin for a long, hard way.

5. Use less force

I know, I know, you’re thinking what? And yes I do mean it literally. How hard do you rub when you apply moisturiser or make up to your face? I know a ton of people who will just really go at it, rub rub rub. This is one thing that we all can and will do wrong, even with out make up utensils. Just consider it, its your face, its literally one of the most sensitive areas on your body – then why would you ever want to treat it with such rough and crass strenght. Use a light touch always, no matter what you do. Excessive rubbing and pressure can also cause damaged capillaries and blotchy skin.

6. No SPF

Have you stepped out lately? Do you feel the blazing sun on your skin when you step out? If you do and your not using sunblock, you are literally killing your skin. When exposed to harmful UV rays skin ages faster and is damaged quicker. So never step out without a good dab of SPF on your face and what ever skin you have exposed. And don’t only rely on your make up for SPF on a specially sunny day it won’t hurt to lather on an additional layer of SPF to your sun ready makeup. If you pick one of these, pick this one more than the others.

But no, really, pick all of these. Do yourself and your beautiful face a favor and treat it just as well as you would a flower or anything you care dearly for. Faces make a big impression and how your face looks might go farther than you think it does. I know it sounds a little shallow, but really before people hear you speak, before you convince them of your smarts, they see your face and you are beautiful as you so won’t hurt to go that extra mile for you? See you guys next Monday, have a good one!