Make Up Dos & Don’t s!

We all know as women how much we just LOVE our make up, or at least most of the women I know are totally crazy about it. Most people would argue that beauty is natural so make up can be fake and unflattering, but I for one don’t wear make up because I want to “look” better, make up just helps me feel empowered. It is my version of art and my face my canvas. So if you’re an artist you must know how much you need to care for your art equipment, similarly taking care of your make up is just as important. Make up won’t last forever, but if cared for properly it will last you a little longer than if you were to just store it leisurely.

β€’ Know where to store it.

Keep all your make up in a cool, dry place, not on a bathroom shelf where the warm, damp air will destroy it. Never let your make up melt in your purse or car. Leaving your make up in severe temperature will cause its chemicals to break down and lose their consistency. Sometimes, especially in Pakistan during the summer I suggest you store your lipsticks especially in a room where the AC will keep it cool or even in your fridge once in a while. I have noticed that even nail polish lasts longer when stored in the fridge!

β€’ Squeaky Clean

Even the best tools don’t perform well if they’re dirty. Synthetic brushes should be cleaned every couple days. I apply a gentle eye-makeup remover to the bristles, wipe them clean with a paper towel, and wash them with a basic facial soap and water. In a pinch, an antibacterial wipe works too. (These are also great for quick cleaning when you want to switch shades.) Natural-bristle brushes hold on to grime and bacteria differently, so you only have to wash them once a month.

β€’ Refresh & Revive your favourite Products.

A really good sharpener will save pencils from looking old. If the tip is really soft, put it in the refrigerator for a half hour before sharpening it.

β€’ Times Up.

The sniff test is the best way to know if something is past its prime: If you get a hint of anything funky in a lipstick or creamy product, throw it out. The same goes for nail polish and foundation that remain separated after you’ve shaken them. Don’t stockpile mascara – use it right after you buy it and replace it every three months.

This was a quick blog to give you guys a heads up on some simple ways you can care for your make up. If you’re in Pakistan and store your make up outside on a dresser or even in a cupboard or drawer, dust over it everyday. I’ve noticed when I go on vacation and return that there is a thick layer of dust that collects on all my products. That is the worst way to go. When you use these products the dust gets on your hands, then on your face and that’s where pimples come from! So dust wherever you store your make up everyday & just remember – hygiene is what will keep you, your skin & your products going!