Multivitamin 101: Everything You Need to Know & Remember

Hi guys!
Consumption of multivitamins to compensate your daily nutritional deficiencies is a thing now. I
have a lot of friends who are used to taking them on daily basis. It wasn’t until recent times that
the use of multivitamins on daily basis was questioned despite the popular belief that they
prevent cognitive decline or certain chronic diseases. Now, before you jump to any conclusion,
multivitamins DO help in keeping up with health but there are a number of factors you need to
keep in mind before you get intrigued by the new rage that is spreading with the idea of fitness
and a healthy lifestyle. Ready, here we go.

Multivitamins – An Overview
There’s no defined description of a multivitamin as the level and quantities of nutrients each
multivitamin has, varies. That said, there are multiple vitamins and minerals that are commonly
found in a number of multivitamins. These include Vitamin B, A, K, D along with calcium,
magnesium, potassium, zinc, iron, iodine, borate and manganese. These vitamins and minerals
address a number of nutritional deficiencies and usually come in the form of pills, tablets or
gummies. The level of aforementioned vitamins also vary as per the purpose and age group;
some multivitamins are targeted to kids, women, men while some address particular needs
during pregnancy, infancy and old age.

What Do They Do?
Our diet has deteriorated over time; both in nutrition and essence. The more processed a food is,
the more likely it is to lack essential minerals and vitamins. The most basic function of
multivitamin is to cover for such deficiencies in our daily diet. Now multivitamins and
supplements don’t turn you into an incredibly energetic active and healthy being but they can
surely compensate for the shortcomings of the processed food that we consume on daily basis.

Things to Keep in Check
Before you make up your mind to take multivitamins, consider the following things:

– Always buy multivitamins from a trusted company because mostly, commonly available
multivitamins are not strictly regulated by the drug authorities so buying them from a
reputable brand or store is always recommended.
– Seek expert advice before you start taking multivitamins on daily basis. Most people go
for them for better skin, health and hair so they rarely go for a medical advice but
consulting a nutritionist is advised for those who plan to address a particular health
– Multivitamins that come in the form of gummies may seem a fun way to include
multivitamins in your daily diet but they come with added sugar which can have negative
effects on health.
– Fat soluble vitamins such as K, A, D and E can be stored in your body if consumed on
high levels as opposed to water soluble vitamins like vitamin C, B12 and folic which
usually get peed out even if they are consumed on relatively higher levels. However,
excess of each of them affects health.
– If you are already on medication for any of the health concerns then you MUST consult a
doctor or nutritionist before taking multivitamins as some of them might interact with the
medications you have been prescribed already.

That’s about it, guys. Let me know if you found this post useful. Stay healthy, stay at your best!
Until next time.
Love, Redah.