Summer Skin Guide: How to Keep It Healthy & Hydrated

Hola ladies,
Looking sultry when the sweltering sun is giving you a tough time is surely not easy. Our skin
becomes the prime victim of extreme temps and heat wave. The result? Tanned, dull and
dehydrated skin which no one wants (especially when you feel like everything you apply to your
skin is already melting). Keeping your skin hydrated and healthy is imperative in summer for the
obvious reasons. Planning to rock that pretty summer outfit you just bought? Well, prep your
skin before you prepare to show it while nailing that #OOTD.

Exfoliate & Moisturize
Continuous sun exposure, humidity levels, daily pollution, hot winds and makeup residue leave a
llayer of dead skin which is definitely not wanted. To get rid of that, exfoliation is the key. It
should be done thrice a week to maintain a healthy blood flow and help regenerate new skin
cells. You can do that by getting your hands on your favorite scrubs or exfoliating tools that are
very common and safe to use. That said, exfoliation alone won’t help; you need to keep the skin
moisturized too. Look for a lighter formula in moisturizing creams and lotions that is rich with
vitamins and minerals to keep fine lines, dullness and whatever follows at bay. You need this!

Get Your Greens Right
Solids and fluids. No comprise on skipping regular water intake (goes without saying). Be
friends with all the leafy greens and water-rich fruits & veggies – cucumbers, beets, lettuce,
watermelon, berries, and all the lush seasonal fruits that are meant to treat your skin. Pop them in
a blender or juice them if you can’t eat them. Trust me, you don’t wanna deprive your skin of the
benefits these bounties carry so make sure these are part of what you eat on daily basis.

NEVER Leave without a Sunscreen
Ever. You can skip makeup but not this while you step out. The sun won’t spare your skin if it
doesn’t have a protective layer of sunscreen on. Don’t get me started with how much you are
going to dread the tan that comes with the sun-stricken skin. Spare yourself the horror of it and
get your hands on a sunscreen NOW if you haven’t already.

Nighttime Skincare
Be at it. Skin heals itself and recovers at a faster pace during the night. Getting enough sleep (if
not the perfect beauty sleep) is mandatory. I bet your skin screams the aftermaths of missing a
good night’s sleep the minute you wake up the next morning and look in the mirror so skipping it
is never an option. Some days could be an exception but it shouldn’t happen every day. Invest in
a good eye cream and/or nighttime serum that fits your skin condition and gives you the
confidence to say #IWokeUpLikeThis like the Queen Bey.

You Gotta Move It, Move It
Sweating through physical activity (gym, sports, cardio, etc.) is essential to keep your skin at its
best. It takes out the toxins accumulated in our body and keeps the blood flow in check which is
like, the basis of healthy skin that actually shows. Plus, you’d be closer to your #SummerBod
goals so what’s the loss. eh?

That’s all for today, my lovelies. So glad that you’re keeping up with my posts well, thank you
for being so supportive guys! Don’t forget to share your wit and tips for the perfect summer skin,
alright? Until next time.
Love, Redah.