Top Runway-Inspired Summer Makeup Trends Blazing on Instagram Right Now

Hi beauties!
Every season, we see cute, outrageous, simple and bold makeup trends born on international and national runways. Makeup trends on Instagram, however, are born every day. Remember those horoscope-inspired makeup looks? Who can forget those totally badass brow trends? Well, I really don’t need to go in the details as most of you have already seen plenty of such stuff but if you haven’t, you know what you’re digging online in your free time!

While most of the beauty bloggers on Instagram might opt for a bolder take on the runway makeup trends, some really amaze you with theirs to show how you can totally nail those looks more naturally and subtly in an off-runway life. The result? Great help for you to keep up with the latest beauty trends without going all “in-your-face, makeup haters!” Here are some of the greatest summer makeup trends that are on fire right now. Dig in!

Yellow Eye Shadow

You saw it, I saw it, everyone saw it. Some went all out on it with smudged and fine blanket on top of the entire lid while some just added a dash of it to the outer or inner corner of the eye (which, according to me, was ingenious by the way!). No matter how it was done, it looked equally great and just summer-perfect!

Flushed Cheeks

Makeup masters aptly showed that you don’t need to encounter your crush to get that blush on your cheek – all you gotta do is fake the flush with your favorite burgundies, reds and browns. You could do that with a lipstick or cream blush OR you can go all extravagant with that powder blush and highlighter of yours!

Cleopatra Eyes

Yup, the Egyptian queen lives on! Very close to exaggerated cat eyeliner, Cleopatra eyes have been a go-to option for a variety of makeup looks. The versions varied with the looks, of course but two of them became my personal favorite. One where liner was brought down to the inner corner of the eye to reflect the outer thick winged liner; second where a bright hue of eye shadow was applied to the under eye with sharp edges in contrast to the pitch black shadow on the top.


This trend took away my heart! Elegant and extremely easy to pull off, this was love on the first sight for me! Beauty buffs traced a fine swipe of eye liner along the lower lash lines and flicked it upwards for a sharp edge. They also experimented with different liner colors which was just apt for summer-ready eyes!


Neon is the New On in makeup. Be it lips, eyes or flashy cheeks – neon orange, lime green and fuchsia were the hottest neons that were reintroduced in the bolder ways. Neon liner anyone? Yes please! Insta beauty bloggers did a great job in creating florescent flicks for the eyes which was EERYTHING for someone who won’t be too shy in experimenting with their makeup routine!

High on Shine Gloss

Gloss is the new boss would be an understatement. The 90’s hit is resurging with a bang – the only difference is that they are more reflective and glossier than ever (shiny enough that someone could see their reflection in them!). If you are tired of pinks already than try some of your most lustrous gloss on a matte nude. Major celeb feels, I guarantee!

That’s about it. Which makeup trends are bombarding your insta feed these days? Don’t forget to share! Until next time.
Love, Redah.