Five Homemade Face Packs for Summertime Skincare Routine

Hey guys,
Our skin mirrors what we drink, eat, apply and do on daily basis. These aside, harsher sun, hotter winds and extreme temperature shifts can induce multiple skin problems during summer. As much as I emphasize on taking extra care of your skin during summer, I also know that it is not that easy. Let’s face it, we don’t get time to make regular visits to salons and spas due to our fast paced lifestyle, busy routines and what not. But guess what? That doesn’t (read shouldn’t) mean you should stop doing that. Thanks to some of the natural bounties that we are blessed with, keeping our skin healthy and summer-ready is very much possible! Here are some of the most amazing face masks to treat your skin with. The best part? Making them at home is a child’s play. Let’s roll with the first one:

Cucumber Mask

Consider this one of the best skin hydrating formulas for your skin in summer. This two-ingredient face pack works like a cool layer of detoxifying, soothing and brightening agents and treats your skin like no other. Blend a medium sized cucumber without peeling it off and add two table spoons of lemon juice (prefer squeezing fresh lemon juice) to the paste. Apply it over your face and relax for fifteen to twenty minutes. Rinse, tap dry and let your skin love you!

Yogurt and Gram Flour Face Mask

A classic, this one takes you back to good ol’ days! Perfect for treating tanned and sun-slapped skin, it helps restore its natural glow. All you gotta do is mix yogurt and gram flour in roughly equal parts and work them into a smoother paste. Apply this to your face, neck, arms or any area that you wish to soothe and de-tan, let it dry and then rinse with lukewarm water. Say hello to naturally radiant and brighter skin!

Lemon & Strawberry Face Pack

Love strawberries? Well, your skin does too! Full of antioxidants, this mask is my favorite for keeping skin hydrated, healthy, oil and dullness free. Making this mask is easy peasy! Mash three strawberries in a bowl, mix one tablespoon of yogurt and mix a few drops of honey and lemon juice. Put it on your face, leave it there for ten to fifteen minutes and then wash it off. Clearer, moisture-balanced skin is your new best friend!

Banana Face Mask

Most of people dread excess oil on their face in summer which is most likely a by-product of hot weather and pollution but there’s no surprise in the fact that some people still have to put up with dry skin in summer! Owing to the very reason, there has to be a great source of moisture (not oil) for your skin. Fret not; banana mask is your knight in the shining armor. Mash a half banana, mix one and a half tablespoon of cream & a tablespoon of honey. Put the mixture on your face and wash after ten to fifteen minutes. Voila, watch your skin become smoother, softer and hydrated!

Aloe Vera & Cucumber Mask

Sensitive skin in summer becomes more prone to sunburn. You can trust the magical healing power of aloe vera gel and the hydration benefits of cucumber. To make this mask, blend a peeled cucumber and mix it with one fourth cup of aloe vera gel – this should turn into a thick paste. Pop it in the fridge and let it cool. Apply this to your face, let it sit for half an hour and wash it off with colder water. Results should start showing after three uses. Farewell sunburn!

Ready to brave summer while looking at your best? Hit me up with your feedback and suggestions and keep supporting! Until next time.
Love, Redah.