5 Pro Tips to Nail Smoky Eye the Right Way

Hi ladies,
Makeup fads come and go but some stay (almost) forever. If I were to choose my favorite then it would be the smoky eye. The best thing about this timeless look is that you can go bold, in-your-face with it and can also stay on the subtle, chicer side. The options to play with the look are limitless. Since we are not getting over it any time soon, why not master the art of creating just-the-right smoky eye? If you wanna know a thing or two about wearing the look like a total boss then keep reading, this post is surely for you. Here are some of the expert tips to make the most-wanted look your very own. Ready? Let’s roll.

Pick the Right Brushes, Bruh

First things first. Using the right brush is what makes it worthwhile. You want a small, soft brush that is easier to move and it spreads the shadow very lightly so that there are no hard creases of the color. A flat brush with fluffy bristles will help evenly blend the product and create that delicate, floaty look. A wrong brush will leave your eye with just heavy application of color which is just too dense to digest, to be honest.

Embrace Imperfection

The fact is that you don’t have to go all perfectionist while creating a smoky eye. The most important part is to have fun while you are at it so that you can totally own the look. Don’t fret over drawing the perfect edges or knowing expert-level blending – it’s OKAY to mess up a little (everything is going to be smudged and blended in the end anyway so what’s the big deal, eh). Too-on-point color creases or carefully drawn outer edges make the smoky eye look more “made-up” so let loose a bit and go for a more effortless technique of putting on the eye shadow.

Monochrome or Color?

This is one true question. The answer is not that tough though. Going monochromatic is the safest option and it is also more modern. You just need to dust the color all over your lids and top it up with another layer on the outer corners of the eyes. This creates a soft subtle smoky eye which is right for every time. As far as color is concerned, there’s no rule that you have to stick to the conventional idea of smoky eye. It’s good to think beyond blacks and grays as long as you’re choosing the right color. You can also add a dash of color by using a poppy color for the outer edges. Yes, it could be as loud as emerald green or ox red!

Get Your Liner Right

And by that, I don’t mean rocking the meticulously crafted symmetrical wings. Ideally, a soft pencil liner work wonders to create smooth, smudgy lines the smoky eye is known for. Gel or liquid liners work well with other looks but a sultry smoky eye is easier to create with pencil liners that give you the liberty to go all Michelangelo with the look.

Befriends With Shimmer

A little bit of sheen never hurt no body. Traditional smoky eye doesn’t really have that bright eye makeup effect that other looks might have. If your eyes aren’t big already and you are concerned about them looking even smaller with the smoky eye then try this: add a dot of champagne or dusty gold shimmer right in the center of the eye lid and gently blend. This tiny dot of color will become the light-reflecting spot each time you blink, making your eyes look bigger and brighter.

That’s about it, ladies. Let me know if these tips work for you. Here’s to the smoky eye fever, forever! Until next time.
Love, Redah.