#NewHair Alert: More Ways to Rock Bangs

Sup guys?
You might have mixed feelings about bangs but they are majorly trending, or should I say that they are back with a bang! From Emma Roberts to Alison Sudol, celebs are not only embracing the trend but actually owning it. If you’re already skeptical about bangs making a comeback then let me tell you that the list also includes way-above-the-brow bangs that most of the people would find hard to style. But don’t worry, I have got you covered. Here are some of the ways to carry this bold, statement-ready hair.

Blunt Lob

Long bob and short bangs make a killer combo. This is not a typical haircut you’d see. Bangs evenly cut right across the middle of the forehead is what makes this my most favorite. If someone is looking for a change in their already-short hair then this look would be my personal recommendation.

Choppy Fringe

Perhaps the most quirky yet very delicate way to carry baby bangs is a choppy fringe. The not-so-neat short fringe coupled with longer strands of hair is the hallmark of this style. It not only adds dimension but also leaves more room for you to experiment with your longer hair. I mean, you could make soft waves for a perfectly (un)done hair or straighten ‘em up for a for a sleeker look. Isn’t that great?

With an Updo

Who doesn’t like a messy bun when you are running out of ideas (and time) to style your hair right before stepping out of work? Looking elegant and stylish while you are at it would be a plus, right? Short-hair queen Emma Watson was recently seen rocking an uneven fringe with sleek and pulled back hair. If you have a petite physique and a small face then this cut is EVERYTHING for you.

Soft & Flimsy

A fresh way to carry micro bangs is to pair them with short tousled hair that strike a fine balance between boldness and classiness. This cut is established through shears and then edges are softened by razoring the bangs to give a feather-like feel to the ends. The great part is that you can center or side part your hair and just tousle them to give a nice body and dimension.


If you are afraid of getting baby bangs but need a new hair inspo that works well with an oval or round face then shaggy bangs is the answer. I am referring to bangs that are just below the brow and eventually spread over the sides of the face and highlight your cheekbones. This is the type of fringe that looks loose & cool and doesn’t cover your entire eyes or face. Yeah, shaggy is definitely the new sexy.


Mid-length bangs that are jauntier on the sides and messed with fingers to establish visible separation in the middle. They can be carried with loosely tied hair and work equally great with softly brushed waves.

Face Framing Bangs

Bangs that are super short in the center of the forehead and eventually spread out and frame your face are the type of bangs that compliment a rounder or square face. Brush them down from top to bottom end if you are looking for a more prim and proper look otherwise mess the center with fingers for a more outrageous, rocker-like feel.

Well that’s all for today. With summers approaching soon, one of these cuts would be a good idea if you’re thinking about a chop-chop. Let me know what you are thinking, I’ll be looking forward to your support and feedback. Until next time.
Love, Redah.