Sunburn Vs. Windburn: Remedies for Winter-Proof Skin

Hi gals,
Just when everyone thought that winter is over a little too soon, weather took an unexpected turn. With the dramatic temperature drops, air is drier and coarser which means your skin is prone to damage and inflammation more than ever. Among other skin woes that come with extreme weather changes, sunburn and windburn are most common. Now, most of you might think they almost mean the same thing but there’s a huge difference between both.

Sunburn happens when harmful rays of the sun directly hit our skin and damage skin cells resulting in age spots, fine lines and discoloration. Windburn, on the other hand, happens when cold winds pull out the water from the upper layer of our skin and leave it completely dried with visible inflammation. Sunburn is more severe considering the damage done and long term effects but nonetheless, you want to avoid both. Life can’t possibly stop during the colder days like we are experiencing at the moment so the ultimate resort is to be prepared when you step out, and eventually, treat windburn the right way if it occurs. Here are some of the safest ways to keep this nasty skin condition at bay.


Yup. Like I mentioned in my earlier posts, you NEED to apply a good sunscreen cream or lotion to prevent your skin from windburn and even to treat it for the damage already done. If you don’t have one already, it’s time to rearrange your beauty staples.

Avoid Heat

I know heat is soothing during colder days but you should stay away from heaters, stoves and fires to heal your windburned skin. Yes, no more heater sessions till your skin recovers from the wrath of windburn.

Cooler Showers

This might not sound like a great idea but hotter baths add on to skin inflammation and worsen the damage done to your skin. If possible, use cool (not cold) water for bathing. If cool water is not your cup of tea, you can use tepid water for bathing but hot shower is a big NO.

Hail Aloe Vera

This magical plant never ceases to amaze me. Popular for its cooling, soothing effect, aloe vera is ideal for treating windburned skin. Applying it on the affected area several times a day will reduce the burning sensation and your skin will recover faster.

Make BFFs with Potatoes & Cucumber

Two of my favorite veggies, potato and cucumber will work wonders to treat windburn and heal your skin faster. Peel a potato or cucumber, grate it and toss it in the blender. Apply the paste over the affected area and let it cool for a few minutes. Rinse with cool water and gently dry with a clean towel. If grating and blending seems like a tough task then you can also use slices to soothe your skin. Paste, for the obvious reasons, works better and faster.

Get Your Hands (& Face) on Yogurt, Yo

Where eating yogurt will show lasting benefits for your gut and skin, putting it over the windburned skin will dramatically reduce inflammation and burning sensation. Apply over the affected area, keep it there for five to ten minutes and then rinse with cool water. You can do that every day EVEN if your skin is generally dry and not damaged by windburn.

Get Some Help From Essential Oils

Adding essential oils to your skincare regime is one of the safest ways to treat windburned skin. Now, some people are allergic to particular essential oils but you can totally apply lavender and virgin coconut oil to the affected area; the antimicrobial properties of these oils will free your skin from bacteria and reduce irritation.

Drink the Right Beverages

Water is a must; plenty of it, actually. Fresh juices like the carrot and orange will hydrate your skin while providing extra benefits of healing. Go easy on hot beverages for a while.

Still fretting over it? Easy does it with these simple and natural ways. Thanks for keeping up with my posts, you guys! Keep the feedback and support coming. Have a safe (remaining) winter! Until next time.
Love, Redah.