Eye Makeup Essentials Part 1

Happy first Monday of June! Can’t believe its already summer, moreover the fact that this year is so close to ending. Though summer’s are no girls best friend, there are only a few ways to survive the scorching heat of Lahore and my favorite one is well, the usual, looking good! I have to say, all of May was certainly kind to us we had some pleasant rain and pleasant weather which had us thinking luck was on our side this year but unfortunately its hot again! Nonetheless ladies, no matter what the weather is like or how the sun might feel, a ladies gotta look good! I hope you guys have been enjoying my blog and remember you can always make suggestions as to what you would like to read more of on my Monday blogs. You can send these recommendations to my Facebook page!

We’ve covered a lot of ground with make up recently, but there can never be enough said when it comes to the art that is make up. For todays blog I’ve decided I want to focus on the eyes because nothing accents a look quite the way a beautiful eye look does. Today its going to be a low down on what you need to have in your make up closet to ensure that whenever you need eye makeup, you are all set to rock and roll. And maybe next time I will consider blogging about some gorgeous eye looks. I meet a lot of people and get emails from them as well talking about how hard it is to pull of good eye make up, though I believe it really isn’t at all, because it takes lesser effort and more of having the right tools and the right makeup. This blog will help you identify the important basics you need to get on the path for good eye make up.

I’ve decided I’m going to break this topic up into series, so to start off this series we will talk about, the MOST essential thing you need for eye makeup. Brushes. What follows is a brief walk through all the right brushes you need to get to the right kinda eye!

Fluffy eye-shadow brush.
Also known as the “allover lid” brush, this is your basic eye-shadow tool. The bristles should be soft, densely packed, and in the shape of a baby-size thumbprint.This is the best tool to apply shadow to your lids and brow bones, to contour the crease, and to blend. (I love playing around with this brush!)

Domed eye-shadow brush.
This brush’s primary purpose is to spread eye shadow that’s already been brushed along the creases and outer corners of the eyes. (This helps get rid of any flyaway shadow you might get on your cheek as well, just don’t brush it off to hard!)

Angled crease brush.
This one is essential for any smokey eye or any eye look that needs the crease to be well defined. It hugs the shape of your brow bone perfectly and gives you a slight wash of color in the crease.
Smudge brush
With stiff, small, rounded bristles, its almost like a baby version of the all over lid brush. This is great for an under eye color smudge, or if you want a subtle hint of liner without too much definition, just rub this over a gel or pencil liner and smudge your water line for some liner!

Blending brush.

With long, loosely packed bristles this one is great for blending. You only need to gently use this to blend a certain burst of color, to smudge together two shades that need mixing for a seamless mixture between any and all colors.

Angled liner brush.
Need I say much about this, don’t go for a regular liner brush, always go for an angled liner brush for the BEST eye liner application our there. Works great with liquid and gel liners both. (I even use it with a pencil or kajal sometimes)

Just like my “Brand Spotlight” blogs, my Eye Make Up Essentials will come to you in parts! There is entirely too much ground to cover for me to be able to restrict eye make up essentials to just one blog. In the mean time, remember to take good care of your eyes. Never go to sleep with make up on, always use an eye cream and keep applying cold cucumbers to keep your eyes from looking tired and weary. Until next Monday, have a good one!