Haircut 101: How to Know When to Get One

Rise & shine beauties!
So, I have been thinking a lot about making a change to my hair lately. Like, a lot. Now before you jump to any conclusions, I’d want to let my hair grow until they become rapunzel hair. Trust me, I wouldn’t interrupt the processes, ever. But life isn’t a fairytale after all. Keeping healthy long hair might seem like accomplishing task of the century but the good news is, it is possible. I know some girls who cut their hair, maybe, twice a year The truth is, you CAN keep haircuts to minimum if you’re doing a couple of things right.
In addition to the givens such as right dietary choices, good hair care regime and more, you need a stylist who totally gets your hair and can give them some shape without chopping some inches off. If you already have those kinda services at your disposal, bingo; if you’re still on the lookout and really have no clue when to get a haircut then keep reading. Here’s a list of hints that might come handy in deciding that long-pending visit to your stylist.

Triangular Hair

What? Yeah. People with thin, straight hair might have never experienced this but triangular hair is a thing. Those of you have waves or curls are most likely to know when it’s happening to them. If your hair starts resembling the shape of a Christmas tree then it’s time to cut it off.

Split Ends

Keep a track of those bad boys. But how can you really do that? Fret not, easy does it. Let’s start from the basics. You can hold the end of your hair really, really close to your eye to see if it’s frayed. You can also wrap it around your finger and see if it scatters like spikes of the porcupine or wraps like a silk thread. I am sure you have done that. You can surely count on these tried-and-true methods but here’s the deal. You’ll know you definitely need a haircut when your hair look thin and stringy. Yup, you bet they’ll look fuller and healthier after giving them what they are telling you about: a nice haircut.

Flat Hair

Ever had those days when your usual at-home blow-dry looked worse than it usually does? Or when you thought the entire stock of your volumizing mousse wouldn’t give your hair that hit? Or when you started losing faith in dry shampoos? If this is happening more frequently and your hair fall flat most of the time then you should know what that means. No surprises there, I guess.

Terrifying Tangles

Long hair tangle more, everyone knows. If you are observing more tangles in your normal or medium length hair and they are becoming less manageable then it’s time to bid farewell to some inches. Go for a chop-chop before you start seeing your hair in shower, pillow, brush and everywhere you can imagine.

I hope this was helpful. Keep this list checked and never be confused to decide between letting your hair grow or getting them chopped again. Don’t forget to share your views, have a good-hair day! Until next time.
Love, Redah.