5 Remedies to Treat Flu without Piling up Medicines

Hi guys!
Hope you’re doing well. I have been down with flu but things are looking up for me now. Winter is notorious for bringing flu and other viral infections – blame it on our weak immune systems, nutrients deficiency or the polluted air we breathe. As much as I love this season, I dread catching cold or flu which becomes so common during winter months. It spoils your taste and mood and nothing seems in place due the aftermaths it brings. To get rid of this annoying ailment, we pile up anti-biotic and anti-viral meds which, according to me, do more harm than good. You get instant relief, yes, but most of people end up catching cold & flu more than once during the season.
If you are tired of trying all the quick fixes and want a natural way of treating flu at home then this post is for you. Try any of these remedies and you’ll feel a noticeable difference. These simple cures will not only help you fight flu but also prevent its future occurrence. Here we go:

Drink Up

Drinking plenty of water is the key to keep damages of flu to the minimum. Flu, cough and runny nose take away a number of natural fluids from so drinking enough water makes up for that loss. I know you don’t feel thirsty that often but keeping your hydration in check even when you’re not thirsty is the first step for better immunity and health.

Soak Up the Vitamins

Unfortunately, most of us lack in maintaining a balanced diet. Our routines and busy schedules don’t allow us to have all the essential nutrients and vitamins that are needed for stronger immunity. That said, we can surely find alternatives to address these shortcomings. First things first, make sure you get plenty of Vitamin C during the winter days. All kinds of citrusy fruits; orange, lemon, grape fruit, etc. are your best friends. Enjoy these wholesome fruits or have fresh juices every day to fuel up your immune system.
Don’t skip your daily dose of Vitamin D, you’ll find enough of it in milk. If not that then soak up the sun whenever you can. Forget about getting that tan, your body needs it and there’s no better way of getting plenty of Vitamin D than sun-bathing. Munching on beets, carrots, cucumber and leafy vegetables is the best way to treat your body with vitamins it needs to function at its best.

Be Friends with Warm Fluids

Not caffeine-based hot beverages. Sip some soup or clear broth to boost your natural resistance towards flu and cold. If you have flu, cough and congestion then have a cup of hot water with lemon, honey and cinnamon. All of these ingredients help fight mucus buildup and relax tissues for a soothing effect.
You can also have ginger tea with honey thrice a week for improved immunity and digestion – two of the best things to keep you going every day, all winter.

Hail Elderberry

Elderberries have a long history of medicinal use. Native to Europe, Elderberries and their leaves can be found throughout the world because of their exceptional health benefits. Among others, they are known to cure flu & cold, sinus infection, bronchial inflammation, low blood sugar and much more. In addition to eating them as fruit, you can find their leaves at a good departmental store for a soothing and flavorful cup of herbal tea. If you can’t find them then try adding goji-berries to your diet and you’ll be amazed by the wondrous effects of this miraculous fruit.

Get Some Fresh Air

Lots of it every day. Don’t just stay indoors all day long just because it’s cold outside. Heaters and indoor winter atmosphere can be a favorable habitat for germs and concentrated toxins. The dry & warm air we breathe in such indoors can make airways prone to viral infections. Opening your windows during the daytime for some ventilation is probably the best thing to do besides normal cleaning. Take a round of the outdoors, away from roadside pollution and smoke and let the clear air replenish your lungs and body.
That’s all for today, guys. You can count on these natural remedies to keep flu and cold at bay, the natural way. Stay at your best, today & always! Until next time.
Love, Redah.