5 Kickass Ways to Air-dry Your Hair for the Style YOU Like

Rise & shine beauties!
Who likes to blow-dry their hair to create a perfect style when there’s less time (& lesser energy)? No one. I mean, styling is fun but you can’t really afford to do that every now and then. It takes some real effort and skills to create a look that is rad, hot-these-days and most importantly, becomes your fave in an instant. Also, you don’t wanna be unfair to your hair. Sometimes you just gotta let them breathe than giving them a round of blow-drying and ironing. So how do get those perfect beachy waves or pretty soft curls? Through air-drying (and some styling products which is totally optional). Yes, you read that right! Here are five ways to air-dry your hair to create hairstyles that could kill.

Beachy Waves
From celebs to beauty buffs, everyone has been obsessed with beachy waves. You might have come across a lot of videos in your Instagram feed where MUAs around the world played along with this hottest trend. To create this style through air-drying, tie your clean damp hair in a big, loose braid and let them dry (pro tip: make two to four braids if you want finer waves). You can apply a palmful of styling moose and run through your hair if you want more volume and body. Open the braid when your hair are dry and voila, you have those sassy waves.

Soft Waves
Now if you want those dreamy, soft waves framing your face then let me tell you that it’s a piece of cake. All you need to do is tuck your strands behind your ears and as they start drying, put a hairpin right above your ears to enhance the bend. Let dry completely and remove the pins. There you go with perfect soft waves that feel like fresh breeze in the morning!

S-shaped Waves
This look fits a number of occasions – a casual evening coffee with friends or that formal office meeting. To create this, run your fingers through dampish hair with soft moose. Now divide your hair into four sections and clip each section in a zigzag way with plastic clips. Avoid using metal clips to dodge unwanted dents. Unclip your hair after 30-45 minutes and shake them out for those gorgeous S-shaped waves
Polished Waves
If you want natural-looking waves with some extra volume then this simple trick might work wonders for you. All you need to do is tie your hair into two loose braids and clip the sideways into twists. Tying them into twists leaves you with smoother waves and eliminates the risk of puffing up. You can do it while going to bed, ensure your hair are not oily so it’s better to wash them and let them dry a bit. Let the twists do their trick and wake up with fine, beautiful waves.

Voluminous Curls
Fine, puffy curls have been a major statement on the international runways. Straight or wavy, no matter what hair type you have, this style fits both. Making this style your very own is easy peasy – center part your hair and make multiple fine braids with both sections. Be careful about the thickness of the braid, you don’t want messy curls that won’t come down ever so don’t have too many braids. Let them hang loose and wait till they dry. Unbraid them and run your fingers through them. Yup, there you go!

Wasn’t that simple? Next time you’re trying to ace a perfect style without heating your hair, remember these oh-so-easy ways. Let me know what you think, I’ll be waiting for your feedback. Until next time.
Love, Redah.