Eye Shadow Hacks Every Makeup Lover Should Know

Ciao ladies!
Ever wondered how those MUAs and beauty experts rock the perfect eye makeup ever? Did it occur to you why you couldn’t get the same flawless results as the tutorial you watched? Well, it takes a while for someone to perfect the art of makeup, or to be more precise, eye makeup. Picking the right palette of shades is only the half battle won; there are a lot of things that you need to consider if you really wanna slay it. Here are some of the hacks that will help you equip with the right skills of eye makeup. Ready to handle dreaded fallout, asymmetry, harsh lines or mudded shades like a pro? You’re welcome!

Start Right
Now before you master the smoky eye, you need to get your basics right. Doing the eye makeup right demands right tools to get started with. Yes, I am talking about brushes. You should know which brush is suitable for baseline application, blending, highlighting and so on. Typically, you should keep three brushes handy; one for shadow application and the other two for blending. Forget those tiny spongy eye shadow brushes and get your hands on a decent brush kit if you wanna take your eye-shadow-on-point game to the next level.

Know Your Eye Shape
Yup. How can you expect to get the perfect eye shadow lines, edges and symmetry if you don’t know how your eyes actually look? I mean, we have the popular categories like mono-lid, double-lid, hooded, almond shaped, close or wide set eyes so you can see which category your eye shape fits in. Once you are aware of your eye shape, you can easily maneuver around your favorite eye shadow techniques.

Primer is the Key
Eyes need to be prepped just like your rest of the face for a perfect eye shadow application. A good primer solves the problems like creased or oily lids and smearing. Apply a good primer on your eyes and keep them closed for some time. You can then get started with your desired shades and try any style you like.

Be Besties with White & Brown Eye Shadow
Why? They are multipurpose. A matte brown eye shadow does a lot than you can actually think. You can use it for contouring, edging, brow line filling and definition. The options to have brown as your base shadow are limitless because you can make it work with anything. If you want your shades to standout then apply white shadow as your base coat. White eye shadow does wonder to make any color pop. You can use white eye pencil to line the lower waterline of your eye to make your eyes look bigger and more awake. You can also use white shadow to highlight your brow bone. This will give your brows the definition you are looking for.

Application & Blending
It gets serious here. Here is a checklist to keep you in check,
Prefer using a medium to large brush for base eye shadow application, Use your fingertips (or a fluffy brush if you think fingertips won’t work for you) to apply cream shadow and then use another clean brush to merge or soften edges and harsh lines.
For blending, use gentle motions and slowly work your way with it like an artist.
Windscreen wiper motion works best to soften edges and harsh lines.
For the outer eye, you can get started with a pointy tip of your favorite shade and then blend it with the other shade to give it a natural symmetry and not so defined shape.
As a beginner, you can draw the shape with an eye pencil and then blend it with the right brush.

Keep Shadow Fallout at Bay
No one likes to puff that extra shadow off the face once they are done with their eye makeup. Fallouts are kinda inevitable but you can deal with them. Doing your eyes before concealing and applying base is one obvious way to dodge it. You can also use a colorless loose powder under your eyes to fix the shadow fallout. There are multiple solutions available in the market specifically for shadow fallouts but if you don’t have them in your vanity box then here’s an alternative. Use paper (or any) tape and cut a piece long enough to loosely circle your index and middle finger and then stick it to the area you wanna pick the fallen shadow from. Don’t forget to stick the tape to other body part for the grip to be just right and not too firm for the sensitive under eye area.

Well that’s all for today, folks! Again, don’t forget to share your views on this, you know where to hit me up. Stay beautiful ya’ll! Until next time.
Love, Redah.