5 Ways to Wear the Classic Red this Fall

Ciao beauties!
Happy October! Since the temps have already begun to cool down, we shall soon see the colors of Fall in full swing soon. Although colors are mostly associated with Spring but this season brings its own mix of colors and there’s something strange about this mix. It’s intoxicating, it’s soothing, it’s gloomy and it’s gorgeous. One of the most salient colors of early Fall is red; you notice it instantly as the season changes. Red is timeless though. It woos you. It excites you. It doesn’t just make a statement – it makes an exclamation! Welcome to the color guide of the changing season – here’s how you can incorporate red in your makeup and style.

1) Red Lids
Now the sun is not as fierce as the bright summer days and we are not fearing every ounce of makeup coming off our face, I am digging red lids. And that too, glossy. You can go outrageous by opting a suitable eye gloss or if you wanna add some more hue and detail then swipe a coat of matt eye shadow and top coat it with a complimenting lip gloss. Upper or lower lids, you are free to choose, be careful with the blending and spread if you’re going for lower red lids.

2) Kiss My Red
Plain red lips? Too old school! This season, choose your favorites of red to create an infectious mix that doesn’t blend. Swipe them on your kissers in a dye-like way. You can start by putting the lighter hue in the middle of your lips and edge it out with darker shade to create a visible but not in-your-face kinda contrast.

3) Red Cover
Summer might be gone but that shouldn’t stop you covering your eyes while you are out and about. Pamper your peekers with bold red shades when you decide to it the sun. You can choose a number of shapes according to your face cut but cat eye wayfarer or frameless red mercury are my favorite picks. They are uber sexy and make you look like you’re right outta fashion runway.

4) Coat it Red
Perhaps one of the safest and the most conventional way of rocking red is coating your nails with an appropriate shade. Now, there are plenty of shades available out there (more than you can remember, actually) to suit your skin tone. Pick two of the most exquisite ones. Coat the tips of your nails with a brighter hue and then top coat it with a matching matte. You can dig some of craziest nail art jobs and try your hands on it to create a signature look for yourself.

5) Red Out
If you can’t get enough of red then this one is for you. You can easily switch your peach, brown or pink blush with a hot hue of red. What else? Choose the matching shade for your eyes – swirl the brush, puff it off and swipe it over the outer corners of your lids and brow bones. The key is to look for an appropriate light shade (preferably nude) for the inner eye. Now get your hands on the red blush and define the apple of your cheeks with it. Contour and highlight the rest of face as you do and voila, you’re one of the celebrities at Met Gala!

That’s a wrap, ladies. Just a warm thank you as a reminder for you guys that I really appreciate your feedback and support. Keep this rolling! Don’t forget to tell me how you’re planning to look drop-RED-gorgeous this Fall. Until next time.
Love, Redah.