5 Beauty & Skincare Habits to Rock Your 30s

Hi beauties!

Hope you’re keeping up with your life well. Today, I am going to talk about something that is relevant to women of my age. Study pursuits, career climbs, unexpectedly quick (or planned) marriage, motherhood and what not; you, being an average Pakistani women like me, have somehow made it to your thritysomething. In a blur of these events, (even if you haven’t gone through these typical stages and are heading life your way) you have endured a lot, and so has your skin. With 30s kicking in, sooner or later, you feel it.

Natural cell turnover rate slows down, collagen and elastin production drops off, discoloration and pigmentation becomes normal and the stage for wrinkles is set- you REALLY start to feel the change. Now, I am not saying that you should freak out and go crazy with hogging anti-ageing products but this is actually the time that you should be a little extra careful as far as your skincare regime is concerned. But don’t worry, I am with you on this, and luckily there are ways to keep this situation at bay. So without further ado, here are some of the ways to rock your 30s:

Add an Essence

Being a mother, I have felt numerous changes in my body and skin over time. Just when you’re looking forward to that iconic glow during pregnancy but end up experiencing flakes and stinging and you’re like, I didn’t sign up for this. While you’re on the course of motherhood, your skin loses moisture more quickly and absorbs products more readily. Even if you’re not doing baby-on-board sorta thing, you still experience flare-ups due to multiple factors such as eating habits, stress, daily routine or exercise. So the best way to dodge this is to eliminate those foamy cleansers and skincare products that strip off the skin from essential oils and moisture. Instead, add a hydrating toner/cleanser/moisturizer to restore skin’s natural moisture. Get rid of known irritation-causing products like perfumes and other preservative-loaded products in your skincare regime.

Get Your Hands on a Serum

If you haven’t already. Thumbs up if you already have. No matter if you wanna keep your skincare on minimal levels, you don’t wanna skip this. A good serum is a lightweight potent moisturizer which is rich in skin nourishing ingredients that seep deep into the skin. Relevant to your skin condition and problem, add a serum in your staple and put it on as soon as you step out of the shower or wash your face. Clean and damp skin is ideal for the serum formula to work at its best and you’ll feel the skin is healthier, smoother and flake-free.

Look for Brighteners

I know. I am not the one who is obsessed with false skin brightening formulas but if you ask a dermatologist about one of the most common skin issues even in people with considerably good skin, they’d say pigmentation. It’s common. To battle this, you need skin-brightening agents in your skincare and beauty products even if you’re not looking for something specifically for skin whitening. Instead of drastic skin brightening products, you should look for mellower plant based agents like soy, kojic acid and vitamin C in your skincare products. If you find them in products like creams and sunscreens, bingo! If not, then stocking them in concentrated serum form is ideal.

Look Out for the Eye Area

30s is definitely the high time you take eye creams seriously. Eye area, being one of the most sensitive and thin-skinned body parts becomes easily prone to wrinkles, puffiness and fine lines. Eyes are generally the first part of the face that endure the aftermath of ageing, sleeplessness and stress. Now some people are genetically prone to getting eye bags and puffiness but mostly experience them due to other factors. Regardless of that, you should apply an aye cream that is rich in antioxidants and hyaluronic acid twice a day (or at least once daily). To fight puffiness and loose skin around the eye area, you obviously need to get enough sleep and caffeine based eye creams.

Make it Better with a Weekly Mask

To top things up, be friends with a good mask that is directed towards your prominent skin issue. Masks work faster and better to troubleshoot issues that are bothering your skin. I mean some even work while you’re busy getting your beauty sleep! So get your hands on one and let it help you while you are at handling other stuff that is important.

That’s about it! Thank you for keeping up with my posts regularly, I need to remind you guys how much your feedback and support means to me. Let me know how you are acing your 30s (or even 20s!), would love to hear. Until next time.
Love, Redah.