A Stylist’s Guide for Perfect Haircut for Your Face Shape

Hi ladies!
How you doin’? The sweltering heat coupled with heavy humidity dosage surely means the weather is not on good terms with you, especially with your hair. I know you browse through your Instagram feed for all those #HairGoals but when you see that your hair haven’t been responding very well to summer lately then you think of chopping them off. That too for a fact: no one wants to style their hair when they know it’s going to be a frizz-fest soon so you want some new hair that can give you a break.
Now, along with other things that you should be considering before hitting your favorite salon, one factor that is absolutely crucial for you to look out for is your face shape. Round, square, oval, heart – there are many. Knowing your face shape can give you hints about a perfect style that will not only compliment your features but also give you the style you are digging. Here’s a guide for ideal haircuts and styles you can choose as per your face shape.

Long Layers
For days. Center or side, no matter which part you are going to wear, if your face is round in shape then you’d want to have hair a few inches past your shoulder and layers that touch the jaw. Cut them on the sides to create subtle angles and voila, you are set.

Ditch the perfect roundness of your face by adding hair that are cut into different lengths. A heavy side part with side-swept long bangs can do wonders in making your face look slimmer. Smooth them out with your go-to serum and enjoy the day.

Angled Bob
Out of all the bobs you wish to get for your hair, go for an angled bob if you have a round face. The long layers sweeping along the chin and gradual short hair along the nape of the neck are sure to replace softer lines of your round face with edgier lines, leaving it all sorted out and perfect.

Center Part
Hair that touch your shoulder or even longer with center partition look awfully nice on an oval face. You can get beachy waves if you are not into solid one-tone hair or even curl random sections of your strands with a large curling rod for a romantic effect.

Long Bangs
Faces that tend to look longer can add an illusion of width with blunt, long bangs. All you gotta do is cut them across the brow line and keep them on the side for maximum effect.

Bob with Side Bangs
If shorter hair is your thing and you have an oval face then get a bob with side bangs. A length that is down past the ear lobes and perfectly synching with the neck line along with side-swept bangs break up a rather long face while adding some softness around the edges.

Long and Straight
Yup, no better way to draw attention away from that visibly broad jaw-line to your face than having long and straight hair. A mane than is parted from the center and spreads across your jaws is ideal to slay in style.

Tousled Lob
If you happen to have hair with good volume and body AND a square face then get a long bob with smooth tousles on the side. You can even wave the side-parted hair for a twist and added benefit. Sleek, easy and super fly; this not-too-short & not-too-long haircut is surely for days.

Long with Wavy Ends
This cut aids you obscure any severity in jaw-line which makes it oh-so-perfect for square faces. I am talking about a moderate length that goes slightly down the shoulder with waves that start from ear-down and blend smoothly with natural texture of hair at the very end. If you have natural wavy hair, bingo, this one is surely for you (no more ironing those waves that won’t straighten so yay!).

That’s about it babes. Let me know which face shape you boast and what goes through your mind while you make an appointment for a new haircut. Again, thanks for your love, support and feedback – you guys are my rock. Stay in touch! Till next time.
Love, Redah.