How to be “Always Classy, Never Trashy” While Layering Up

Winter is the time I enjoy the most. Cozy bed, a hot brew, a good read and lots of layering. Wait, let me rethink. Layering up in winter is essential, I mean, we all like our groundhog days but we can’t slide into our bed all the time. We gotta move and make things happen. The chilly winds of January are on the rise and this is the time you need to keep yourself warm. With continuous temp drops, it is almost impossible to rock all the fancy clothes we have in our wardrobe.
There are days that we have to put EVERYTHING on before we freeze to death. And you know what that means. Layering up surely rescues you from cold but it also makes you look a little less appealing. The biggest challenge we face while getting ready for the day is to look at our best while staying warm but life isn’t that simple! I have been through this too so I feel you. Today, I’ll be discussing some of the ways you can layer up without looking clumsy.

1. Pair Up Two Jackets

Because one is not enough. During the cold winter days, you’ll need some extra layer to go on and the best way to do so is to double up your jackets. Invest in a good long coat and pair it up with a number of sweaters and jackets. You can play around with colors and textures to add dimension to your look. Don’t hesitate to experiment. You can even mix varsity jacket with a fuzzy coat for a great OOTD inspo. Keep the long coat loose and open so that you can ace your style game while staying warm on the go.

2. Overcoat Is Important

When it comes to keeping things classy without overdoing anything, overcoats are the answer to all the winter woes. They come in a variety of fabrics, textures, colors and styles. Pick your favorite one (or two) and put them on with your regular winter wear for great style and ease. You can rock them with formal suits, casual sweatshirts and semi-formal wear too. Again, it’s all about tossing different things together.

3. Be Friends With Hoodies

There is no argument about this. Hoodies are comfortable, easy to carry and great for some warmth. They make an ideal pick-up for a laid-back weekend look. Plain or printed, hoodies are surely a must-have for the cold season. With a range of styles available in the market, you can get which defines yours best and swoop in with comfort and warmth. Tip: Go for lighter shades of grey and white and pair them up with black jeans and white sneakers for a cute, street-style look. Also, hoodies get bonus points for their face-shielding properties so double thumbs up for these babies.

4. If You Like It Then You Should Put A ‘Belt’ On It

Sometimes you are just so cold that you literally are a walking poster that reads “I-put-on-everything-I-could-find-in-my-closet” but it’s okay. In such a situation, the key is to put on a belt on your coat to define your waist line. Be cautious as you can’t do this with short jackets but long jackets and coats make a perfect medium to do so.

5. Sock It Up

Uggs and long boots are surely sexy but they can’t go with anything and everything. Sometimes you need those block heels. Or stilettos. Colder season doesn’t mean that you can’t rock your favorite fancy shoes. The key is to pick the right socks and tights. Be meticulous about socks and tights and look for edgy patterns and colors to be paired up with your shoes and clothes. Pro tip: Club some funky tights in darker shade and socks of lighter hues together and slay in style.

That’s about it, peeps. Here’s to being “always classy, never trashy”. Let me know what’s your style mantra for keeping cold at bay. It’s always great to hear from you guys. Stay warm, stay beautiful. Until next time.

Love, Redah.