Five Quick Fixes for Dry, Scaly Hands

Hello beauties!
With cold and flu season in full swing, it’s a good idea to wash your hands time and again but the chilly winds and frequent washes take away a lot from your hands than just ‘germs’. Moisture. And beauty. And more. You can easily fix the dry and flakey skin of your face as it is the first thing you see as soon as you wake up in the morning. Legit. Your beautiful hands often get ignored and here’s what happens: you see a disturbing difference in the skin of your face and hands which gives an impression of a rather “made-up” face and “totally-ignored” hands. Not legit. I am sure no one is up for leaving that impression. So today’s post focuses on listing down some really effective quick-fixes for winter-stricken hands and here’s the first one.

Hydrate Your Hands
I have mentioned time and again how hydrating your skin is important in maintaining its health and radiance. Part of it comes from the water you drink during the day and part of it comes from locking down the moisture that cold wipes away. The best way to go about it to apply thick and glycerin-rich products like hand cream and lotions. Forget those faux lightweight lotions that are loaded with fragrance and nothing more. The thicker the ointment is, the better it is. Layer your hands with such lotions often and always keep them handy whether you’re chilling indoors or braving outdoors. Remember, keeping the natural moisture intact is the key to softer hands so keep your hands hydrated like it’s your job.

Kick Out the Soap
No matter what the season is, soap is commonly used at homes to wash hands. Even if you wash your hands with a hand-wash, it takes away the moisture and leaves your hands dry. Switch your normal soap or hand-wash with a moisturizing cleaner that gets the job done without depriving your hands of softness and natural moisture. There are plenty of options available at your favorite store so you can easily choose that fits your expectations. Forget lathering with soap and make room for a moisturizer-based hand-wash. Avoid drying up with hot air after washing your hands to double the effect.

Layer Up for Extra Protection
It’s always a good idea to pile on layers for some extra pampering and benefit. Gloves and liners not only add on to the winter panache but also protect your hands from extreme temps. They can provide insulation and warmth while keeping the necessary moisture in check. Look for alternatives that are soft and lightweight but boast fine materials like cashmere and silk. Cute mittens or sassy leather gloves, whatever fits your style; put it on.

Go for Some At-home Salon Session
Before the chapped skin of your hands gets to your nerves and one of your besties point out your not-so-well-kept hands, try some home based remedies to pacify the situation. One of the best ways to get it done is to coat your hands with natural aloe gel, coconut oil or shea butter and then cover them with liners or gloves. All of these ingredients will do nothing but naturally heal your skin and make it super smooth. If that seems too much than slather your hands with a generous amount of Vaseline petroleum jelly and wrap a warm, damp towel around. This will help the moisture really get into the pores and you’ll have softer hands afterwards.

Try an Overnight Treatment
If your busy routine doesn’t allow you to spare enough time for extensive and repeated treatments, then opt for an overnight treatment that can work wonders. Before your beauty sleep, generously apply some skin protectant/dry skin care product to heal your hands. Such products usually boast a no-dyes, no-fragrance, formaldehyde and preservatives-free formula and it is ideal for a noticeable difference in your hands’ skin. One such quick yet effective fix is Vaniply Ointment and it is dermatologist-recommended which means it is absolutely safe for hands. Those of you, who are really looking forward to an overnight wonder, try this out and easily swap cracked, dry hands with softer, beautiful ones.

Easy does it, right? Try these out and you’ll have lesser to worry about your pretty pickers this season. If you have any suggestion, questions or feedback, you know where to hit me up! Stay safe and beautiful. Until next time.
Love, Redah.