Season Alert: How to Stay at Your Best in Winter

Hello dearies!
Ho are ya’ll doing? With gusty winds kicking in and continuous temperature drop, winter has officially taken over. The smoldering sun during the day and chilly breeze during the night are surely confusing and that’s the reason we need to be prepared for such swings. The city life is prone to environmental pollution, smog and other atmospheric irregularities which increase the chances to catch cold during the season.
Bad throat, sinuses and viral infections are common and they surely are not pleasant. Where winter is known for its beautiful vibe, it is also notorious for flu, sinus headache and body ache. Imagine the discomfort of a blocked nose or breaking down of the body due to some viral infection. You wouldn’t want to spoil your weekend (and mood) by shivering in your bed along with all those meds on your side, right? So you gotta nip the evil in the bud! Following are some of the ways to minimize the risks of catching cold and stay at your best during this lovely weather.

Layer Up
The most obvious way to get cold-proof is to keep your body warm throughout the day. Warmer body is less likely to become the victim of season-specific ailments so it’s great to layer up with your favorite clothes. I am talking about all those gorgeous winter clothes that you have been piling up in your boudoir. ‘Tis the season to rock ‘em! Flaunt your style this winter and let your body love you back with all the warmth.

Eat Right
Although eating healthy is the demand of every season round the year but winter is the time your body needs some extra efforts for the fulfillment of your dietary needs. Choose foods that help you stay warm throughout the day. Along with fruits and leafy veggies, make sure to include nuts and dried fruits in your daily routine. Such foods are packed with healthy fats and amino acids which are vital to fuel your body with the right nutrients. Always aim for a balanced diet and don’t get tempted with late night snacks and munchies.

Stay Hydrated
Hot beverages are surely a bliss during winters but don’t forget the most important beverage your body needs to function; yes, I am talking about water. Where hydration is crucial in summer, it is equally important in winter. Beware of recurring (and unexpected) headaches, dizziness and weakness because they generally indicate poor hydration in winter. Drink a reasonable amount of water throughout the day to keep going. Winter also brings some delicious fruits which are ideal for fresh juices. Make it a habit to take one or two servings of fresh juice every day to boost your immunity.

Avoid Space Heaters
A wave of hot air from the blower or warmth of room heather might be enticing but such artificial sources t stay warm should be avoided. The best way to stay warm is clad properly but if you think relying on heathers is the need of the time then always remember the three feet rule. Keep such sources three feet away from your body and make sure to keep inflammable materials as far as possible. Play smart, play safe.

Keep Your Toes Toasty
One of the deadly ailments that winter is known for is hypothermia which is instigated when your hands and feet are not warm enough. Fingers and especially toes should be kept warm during extremely cold days. No matter you’re hitting the outdoors or just working in a block next to you, always wear socks, gloves and shoes that are sturdy enough to protect your hands and feet from the chilly weather. Putting on an extra pair of socks won’t hurt; I do that quite often to treat my feet when the temps continue to drop!

Avoid Too Steamy Showers
I know how great your washroom feels when it’s filled with steam from a running hot shower but the studies have proved that regularly bathing with steamy water is not good for your body, especially for bone health. Hot showers, once in a while, are nice but you should prefer to bathe with lukewarm water. After you are done with the shower, you can warm up with the right clothes but a sauna-like bath should be your least priority.

Salt Water Rinse
Salt water is known for its relaxing properties. Soaking your body in sea salt-infused water can relax your nerves and you’ll feel lighter in case you’re experiencing the aftermaths of cold.

In case of a bad throat, gargle with warm salt water thrice a day. Mixing honey, cinnamon and a dash of black pepper in lukewarm water also soothes your throat and helps with the sinus blockage. Bonus? Drinking it first thing in the morning also regulates your metabolism and helps your shed those extra pounds.

That’s all for today, folks. Hope you’re set for a great winter! Keep me posted with your feedback on my Facebook page. Have a wonderful week. Until next time.

Love, Redah.