Autumn Attire: Fashion Trends Fall 2016

Bonjour beautiful people!
Hope you had a killer weekend and are keeping up with Monday so far! Make “This too shall pass” your mantra and you’ll be okay. Anyhow, Fall is taking over and soon we’ll dig our wardrobes and stores to layer ourselves for the chilly weather (so excited!). From international runways to indigenous fashion scene, most of the fashion houses have rolled out their fall/winter collections. Autumn is confusing because the days are infused with a little heat but the nights are rather cold so one really needs to think twice what to wear to go by the day. But hey, don’t worry, I have got you covered. Presenting the roundup of fashion trends for my girlies to rock autumn 2016 while looking at their best. Ready? Let’s do this.

You know days like when you go an extra mile to dress up but REALLY want the clothes to be seen even if it’s cold? I feel you. Capelet is your thing when you want the details of your OOTD to be seen but also wanna cover up a bit. The unique functionality and variety within the signature cut makes capelets a promising trend of the fall 2016.

From thin, velvety ribbon chokers to full neck-covers, chokers are already a rage out there. This fall, we’d see more of these babies in all materials and sizes. Already obsessing? Head over to your favorite store and find out what’s in store for you. So put ‘em on and choke those haters!

Trench Coats
‘Tis the season to get your hands on something that you wouldn’t mind putting on during the cold winter days too – yes I am referring to trench coats. A perfect blend of style and functionality, the shiny-finish trench coats will be trending this season. Those of you who want the best bet for both fall and winter, this might be it.

THE fabric of the season, velvet will surprise you with its variety and details. Pleasantly cozy and unbelievably soft, you won’t take your eyes (and hands) off this fall wear. From jackets to those mushy sweaters to footwear and everything in between – velvet is surely taking over this year.

Blast from the Past
Get ready to relive some of the hottest styles form the 80s. Spiked stilettos, plenty of jewelry pieces in gold coupled with the finest cuts of bell and puffy sleeves – fall couldn’t be more glamorous!

The color and the force. Cuts inspired from the official attire of navy complimented by beautiful shades of blue that will be worth every penny and time that you invest in buying a chic evening wear. My wish-list items? Sailor pants and double-pressed button down jackets to make you look like a woman who can make some heads turn while she is at it.

Bizarre Stripes
Who doesn’t love stripes? The trend that never gets old is back this season with some major twists. Forget about conventional bicolor stripes. The designers have experimented with this classic hit and the results have been absolutely mind-blowing. Unexpected color combos with odd proportions of stripes will add color to the dull autumn mornings. Not only sweaters, expect to come across stripes while you’re looking for gloves and caps.

The Cat and the Leopard
Just when we thought that leopard prints are done and dusted, international designers showed us this trend is not going to fade away any soon. Where cats have taken over the internet already, you’ll see their mark on fashion wear of this season as well. From long coats to shearing jackets and leggings, the cat family will be roaring back this season. It might be surprising but I am looking forward to see how the trend is revived again.

Puff it Up
Personally I have never been a fan of puffers. Skinny girls might be able to pull of the trend without much effort but others might need to think twice before getting one. Puffers are one of those things that well cover the domain of functionality when it comes to spending your bucks on a new clothing item, right? Wrong. The range within the signature style is wide this season which means puffers could be a perfect choice for a Friday evening escape or a Saturday night out.

And that concludes the list. I wanna thank you all for passionately following my posts and getting in touch with me on Facebook. Keep it rolling, guys! Dress well and look fly this fall. Until next time.
Love, Redah.