Travel Make Up Essentials

Travelling is so much fun! Except well, the packing and unpacking bit. In the world of beauty and fashion, sometimes one has to travel a lot so we get used to lugging around bags and continuously packing and unpacking things. Nonetheless luck has it that almost every time you leave behind something really essential. For today’s blog I want you guys to get a feel for what make up products/beauty accessories I travel with.


1. Mini-Tweezers

Need I really say more, no matter how long you’re gonna be out of the city or why you’re going you never know if you will find a reliable place to get your face waxed or threaded. Always pack a mini-tweezer, it can save your life!


2. BB Cream

The best you can find, if you have BB Cream you don’t need to lather on foundation when you’re just going out to shop, sight seeing or even grabbing a quick bite while you’re in another city. This’ll give you all the light coverage you need.


3. Make-up remover wipes

Wipes, because wipes are easier (and you can find them everywhere).Don’t burden yourself with liquid make up remover, just keep it light!


4. Water proof Mascara

Because a gal definitely needs her mascara! Sometimes even if you don’t apply too much eye make up, just add a line of kajal & top if off with good water proof mascara and you have a soft, hassle free eye!


5. 2 Eyeliners

One liquid and one pencil! Just in case you decide you wanna get real decked up to go out, these are essential!

6. Lip Balm

I loathe dry, chapped lips so I take a ton of these (and vaseline too!).


7. Mixed Eye Shadow Pallette

Pick one that has a ton of shades, or a few that you definitely know will go with the wardrobe you’ve packed. Sometimes a smokey eye (in several shades) goes a long way!


8. Face Wash

Need I say more?


9. SPF

Always, always carry sun screen wherever you go! This is one thing that will save your skin’s life long term.


10. Blush

A gal’s gotta add some color to her cheeks now & then.

So the deal is that I don’t usually travel very light when it comes to make up, especially if I’m going away for a long time but these are some essentials that I pack ALWAYS. This little make up bag will even get you by on a simple weekend trip away with the family or a quick business trip that you might need to take. Hope this will help sort one of your packing problems away! Until next Monday, have a fabulous week.