Magnum Chocolate Party: Whacky Wardrobe to Intriguing Art and Everything in Between

Hello dearies!
How are ya’ll? I am sure most of you have been seeing the news, sneak peeks and highlights of one of the most anticipated parties of the big city on your television sets and social media timelines. We all got the nutty, chocolaty bits that were fed generously by the brand that proudly associates itself with glamour, pleasure, indulgence and everything that has anything to do with luxury. Magnum Chocolate Party – the evening of eye candy and art, was held on Wednesday, September 21st at the Pearl Continental Hotel in Karachi. The gathering garnered attention (and fury) it aimed by capturing fashion, art, décor and chocolate love with the lens of surrealism. From top-notch designers who flaunted their creativity on ramp to catchy, bizarre art, the night surely became the talk of the town. So those of you who missed what really went down that night, here’s a crisp, quick roundup for you guys. Ready? Enjoy!

The Brown Carpet & All Smiles

Who needs a red carpet when you can complement the theme of your party with a chocolate brown carpet to welcome the cream (or chocolate?) of the country! Aptly, the event gave the attendees something to get fascinated (and talk about) in the very beginning. The iconic brown carpet got everyone hooked at the start. Celebrities were all smiles as they walked down the carpet and posed for the cameras.

Surrealism Comes Alive

The theme was interpreted differently by four designers, who presented their vision through costumes that draped fantasy along with the intricate shades of ‘WOWs’ and ‘OOPSs’. Shameel Ansari, Ali Xeeshan, Faraz Manan and Nilofer Shahid were the designers with their experimental collections that instigated a variety of emotions among the viewers. The designers fearlessly explained how they were excited about their creations where the focal point was not “wearability” but creativity and visual aspects of fashion. If I were to gauge the collection with the very parameter of creativity and expression, then I must confess the statement came through. Vividly. No confusion there, right? Fashion is enduring, indeed.

The arty side of the party also featured a delicious amalgamation of art and chocolate through a well-curated art gallery managed by none other than Sameera Raja. From paintings to live sculptures to dance performances and live performance by the rockstar Ali Zafar, everything created quite an aura for art and chocolate lovers.

The Controversies, Media Bites and More

Well, any gathering of this caliber would be incomplete if it can’t spark some controversy, right? Bingo for that. The silent rooster on Ali Xeeshan’s head made quite a noise. The passionate tweeters and self-proclaimed opinion leaders ‘roasted’ the designer for his take on surrealism. The other highlight was a man with his body dipped in a bath tub of velvety Belgian chocolate. Sex appeal? Food mockery? Whatever it was, it surely got the job done. The word was out and everyone did their bit to make things clear. The stunt was surely worth it.

The Sinfully Delicious (& Beautifully Crafted) Dessert Table

We all have seen how Magnum does nothing but the best to indulge its guests with high on calories (and pleasure) chocolate treats. This year was no surprise! A gorgeous table set by “Yum by Amna” pleased the taste buds (and eyes) of the attendees where everyone gobbled down oodles of rich chocolate.

The Reality Check

The party was a success, nonetheless (thanks to those genius minds put to marketing and ample resources that the company boasts). Magnum Chocolate Party had something for everyone. Good time, gossip, manifestation of art and what not. I came across some of the arguments raised against the event in the times of political turmoil where the country is perceived to be at the verge of war.

Well, in my opinion, fashion and politics are two separate phenomena that can happen simultaneously anywhere around the world. The Prime Minister’s iconic speech about his stance on a number of political challenges happened to be on the same evening the party was held. Those who have been whipping the brand for hosting such a lavish event during the time where tensions seem to rise between the neighboring countries should also consider the fact that the speech was made AFTER the government felt the dire need to address the issues. I am sure the schedule of such a grand party was decided way before ANYONE could foresee the unpleasant political situation that aggravated by retaliation of Indian media. Let’s cut the company some slack, shall we? Those guys wouldn’t have imagined such a coincidence in their dreams.
However, in the midst of problems a developing country like Pakistan faces, something of this scale and magnitude is always tricky. There’s no doubt that the brand’s purpose of crafting a brand identity this is synonymous with fashion, art, luxury and pleasure was fulfilled in every way possible but there’s always a room for more. One of the company’s sources stated that the brand is also involved in philanthropic work in orphanages and communities that are not as blessed as the elite societies but prefers to keep it low-key. I think where they are spending some real bucks to make a noise about such a great evening, they can definitely highlight initiatives like these (Corporate Social Responsibility, remember?). The argument, without a doubt, has many sides but I am just trying to state my opinion here. Peace out, no offense intended.

Despite of everything good or bad, Magnum Chocolate Party brilliantly weaved marketing, PR, art and fashion together by fine threads of chocolate that created a velvety (and coarse) fabric for word of mouth and public debate.

What do you guys think? You can always share your opinion and feedback with me (I actually wait for you guys to buzz me on Facebook). Keep seeing things with a different perspective. Until next time.

Love, Redah.