Skincare & Health Secrets for Monsoon

Happy Monday folks!
The monsoon season is in full swing and the clouds don’t seem to hold it anymore. Roads in Lahore seem to present the view of Venice! As you are well aware that monsoon can get really unpredictable – sometimes it pours for the whole day and some days are marked with hot sun. The volatility of the season also alters our body temperature, mood, immunity and natural resistance of skin and that’s the reason we gotta be more cautious. Infections and seasonal diseases also spur up during monsoon so we should be ready before the season takes its toll on us. Enough with the context, ladies and gentlemen, let’s talk about some skincare and health tips for a smooth, worry-free and merry monsoon!


Our skin is perhaps most sensitive to changes in weather and atmosphere. During monsoon, it can shift the spectrum of ‘oily and greasy’ to ‘dry and dehydrated’ real quick. Owing to this very reason, you would need to go an extra mile to pamper your skin so that it can endure the weariness of the season without a hitch. Engrave the following list on your mind and add it to your skincare regime.
Cleanse and tone – yup cleansing is the key to keep dust, oil and impurities away. Dig your boudoir and find the cleansing lotion that you’ve long forgotten. Put your scrub to some good use. Cleanse every day and scrub thrice a week to unclog your pores. Apply an alcohol free toner to hydrate your skin and bid farewell to the shit that gets to your skin during the day.
Washing your hands and feet with lukewarm water as soon as you get home is a must. No matter how much tired you are, washing your hands and feet will soothe you. Don’t forget your visits for mani and pedi – the dirt gets to your nails and cuticles super fast during monsoon and can cause infection. I am sure you don’t want any.
Keep your kissers hydrated and crack-free. Milk cream or coconut oil is best to keep them smooth, pink and soft.
A gentle cleansing with glycerin and rose water will keep your skin healthy and naturally radiant so make it happen every week.
If you are a makeup-holic then opt for lighter, waterproof makeup than going heavy.
Tossed your sunscreen lotion aside as it’s almost cloudy? Don’t ever do that. Keep it close to you heart and closer to your skin!
Exfoliate a day before shaving or waxing to prepare your skin for an itch-free experience.

General Health

Health comes first, goes without saying. The highly impulsive weather can get to your health but you can be at your best by keeping the following tips in mind.
Drink plenty of clean water. Staying hydrated is important for your skin, gut and blood.
Add dairy products (yes, even low-fat, weight watchers) and nuts to provide your skin and hair with the essential nutrition and nourishment.
Thoroughly wash your fruits and raw veggies (especially the leafy ones) as they are the host to worms and larvae.
Get some warmth. A bowl of vegetable soup instead of salad will do more good and boost your immunity.
Make sure to include onions, garlic, coriander, turmeric and pepper in your diet to keep indigestion and other infections at bay.
Avoid walking barefoot or wearing wet shoes to keep the risk of fungal infection at the minimum level.
A typical rainy day might double your craving to get spicy and tempting street food but it’s better you make something for yourself instead of picking some vendor food.
You might wanna soak yourself in the shower of rain but don’t do it often. Keep your eyes closed before you feel all dreamy facing up the sky.
Asthma and diabetes patients should stay away from wet walls and open fields as pollens and fungus are not promising for them.
Although it’s still hot, but keep your body warm during the cooler days. Your body is most likely to catch viral infections if it’s relatively cooler. Avoid extra rigorous workout during monsoon but maintain a healthy and balanced exercise routine to keep yourself active and fit.
Keep your general hygiene in check, always.

That’s all for now, folks. Keep being at your best during every season! Don’t forget to share your feedback with me on Facebook. Stay beautiful, merry monsoon!

Love, Redah.