Beauty Benefits of Coconut Oil

Happy Monday folks!

Hope you guys had an awesome weekend and are geared up for the week. The monsoon has been playing hide and seek lately but one thing that has been constant is humidity. Alright, enough of grumbling about weather, let’s talk about more first-world issues. Today, I am gonna keep things light and sweet so I’ll be doing a roundup of some (out of countless) beauty benefits and uses of coconut oil.
You know some beauty products can be safely described as all-rounders as they heal, nourish and have numerous other therapeutic uses. Coconut oil is one such wonder of nature that has got you covered in situations where your beauty seems to disappoint you. From being an all-time natural and healthy moisturizer to hair tonic to breath freshener, coconut oil makes a pretty dope beauty essential (no wonder celebrities like Emma Stone count on it!). Let’s explore how this natural bounty can serve as an effective beauty booster for you.

Anti-dandruff and anti-frizz tonic

Okay I know this is no secret but I’d like to reinforce this one. We all have been the victims of dandruff and frizzy hair and if there’s one oil that you can safely use to fight any of these conditions, it has to be the coconut oil. Gently massage it on your scalp and bid farewell to those ugly flakes or just apply some on your strands for a silky smooth touch.

Lip Balm

Flakey and cracked lips – no more. Forget about investing in expensive lip balms, welcome shiny and smooth kissers with coconut oil.

Body Moisturizer

Having troubles with rugged areas of the body like elbows, knees, knuckles and cuticles? Soothe them with coconut oil and feel at the top of the world with that natural glow and velvety touch.

Makeup Remover

Yas! Free your skin from makeup and all the ugly residue without depriving your face with the required moisture and wake up to fresher skin in the morning.

Oral Health

Just in case you don’t know, coconut oil has antibacterial and antifungal properties. Gargling with a spoonful of coconut oil can give you healthier gums, whiter teeth and fresher breath. Surprising, right? Wait there’s more.

Wrinkle Wrecker

Worried about those fine lines and premature ageing? Use coconut oil as a night cream and let it nourish and rejuvenate your skin like no other.

Eye Opener

Well, figuratively! A gentle massage of coconut oil on daily basis helps you keep eye bags and dark circles at bay and makes your peekers livelier and brighter.

Cheekbone Highlighter

Who says you have to dig those branded highlighters to make your makeup look just on point? Perk up your face with a little amount of coconut oil and leave it onto your cheekbones and get ready to put the Kardashians to shame.

Skin Soother

Got itchy skin? Don’t go nuts scratching it – calm it with coconut oil and fall in love with your skin all over again.

Massage Therapy

Well, olive oil surely qualifies for a great massage oil but the natural healing properties and aroma of coconut oil are just divine if you wanna relax after a long tiring day.

A Priceless Shaving Cream

If you’re into shaving your legs or underarms then coconut oil makes a perfect pre-shave product. It hydrates and moisturizes your skin without making it greasy and guess what, the legs look shinier, smoother and sexier.

That’s all for now lovelies! Although I restricted myself to highlighting some of the beauty benefits of coconut oil but let me assure you, this magical potion is capable of way more. Know some more uses of this wondrous oil? Hit me up on Facebook and share away! Look after yourself and have a great week! Until next time.
Love, Redah.