Blog 27 – Colors that pop: Top 5 eye colors to rock this season

Ciao fellas!
Although the monsoon isn’t very generous this time but hope you’re having fun with light showers of rain every now and then. So, while getting ready for a get-together last night I was running out of ideas for my eye make-up. I wanted to be subtle but definitely didn’t want to look boring. After putting my mind to some real work, I was finally able to crack the look for the evening. This is where it hit me – if professionals can run out of ideas to make their eyes look just right, anyone can.
The time reminded me an old saying “eyes are the windows to your soul” so I began to notice every desi diva at the party. Later, I dug some of the most authentic sources to pick 5 of the most amazing eye colors that can make you look perfect for office to Caribbean and anything in between. Here’s the list of eye colors that not only pop but also help you rock any look.

With so many makeup lines to choose from, the decision to pick the right one can be really challenging. From neutrals to smoky-eyes, you gotta make sure that nothing is missed. Bronze is the ultimate shade of summer and the look compliments the sun-kissed feel of the hot season. One palette that seems to do the job? Well yes, Estee Lauder Bronze Goddess does. This six summer shades with a highlighter include pastels to browns with a pop of light blue which is the ultimate treat for the eyes. Whether you wanna just brush your eyes in hurry for a no-makeup look or really wanna make those peekers speak volumes, this palette gets it done with seamless precision. The colors are super smooth and blend like anything to give you the eyes you want.

Wait, if you haven’t seen models rocking golden eyes from Paris Fashion Week then let me get you a little obsessed for gold. Whether you want to keep it subtle or want to go outrageous, the gold eye is the answer. A dash of gold liner or shimmery shadow can take the whole look up a notch while complimenting that golden clutch or neckpiece of yours. Try it with neutrals and add a shimmery sheen to your eyes and let everyone peek in your eyes a little too deep.

Talk about my metallic madness in eye shadows and silver isn’t very far from gold or bronze. This pretty shade is bold and basic at the same time which means you can look angelic or a femme fetale with a little effort. Now the trick is to line your inner area of eye with a black liner to give the socket a defined shape. Put on some matte nude on the lid that is a little darker than the tone of your skin and voila, you’re ready to rock the silver. Pick a shimmery one and puff it over your lids and under your lower lashes. Smudge that bad boy and you are done. Make sure you look more like a sexy kitten than a space-age alien (this comes with practice, you know). Now if you’re already a pro then go kill that “girls’ day-out” you have been planning for weeks with your posse.

If you’re a fan of monochromatic makeup then you can’t escape caramel. This yummy shade is perfect to pull off a sun-kissed complexion with beautiful eye sheen. The trick is to compliment it with brown to nail the right look. Dust the powder on the lid and spread it over the brow bone and pick a bronzer for your cheekbones and contour. Add a highlighter and complete the look with a creamy shade of caramel lipstick to make you kissers shine. Lift the lashes with lots of black mascara and you’re set to steal some hearts.

Add this delicious color of berry to your eyes for a supremely flattering look. Owing to its richness, the color is great for bringing out your elegance. For a sultry look, use this shade with a primer to prepare the base of the eye. Smudge the shade to the eye while darkening the liner and outer corner of the eye for sharp edges. Swipe a matte shade of neutrals or peach for an ethereal daytime look and make those heads turn.

Cobalt Blue
Well, no one has doubts about blue being a promising shade of summer. Little did we know that its hue in cobalt is the ultimate choice to flaunt bold eyes! The secret to this vibrant affair lies in the careful choice of picking a liner and not a powder shadow as just a hint of cobalt blue does the job for brave eyes. Swing the liner across the tips and edges of your eyes and go to any evening get-together feeling all sexy and confident.

And this marks the end of the list. Hopefully, now you’d be less confused in picking a shade for your eye while standing in the mirror. I’d like to know which shades are already in your makeup palette and which ones you’d like to try for your upcoming party. Take good care of yourself and don’t forget to hit me up on Facebook. Until next time.

Love, Redah.