You know what the most fun part about being a woman is, as far as the feline qualities go let’s skip over the obviously generous qualities we are wired with, yes! It’s dressing up! Hair colour, hair-cuts, and make-up you name it, we love it, I love it. So today I’m going to be giving you an insight on this season’s hair trends: let’s look beautiful!

Well at least the low ponytail trend is back and we couldn’t be happier. Low-maintenance throw-together-on-the-go hair that scores us seasonal style points? We’re in. Also a severe side-parting will make this look even more amazing. For the ones who have long locks keep the ponytail loosened up for a relaxed off-duty look. Also we are not pretty prepared to give-up on the dip-dye. Just about anything still is in when it comes to those beautiful Ombre fade-outs; so in order to find you own signature style I’d say keep experimenting..

Going a little gothic for my young peeps there’s good news because the grunge trend stays strong for winter 2013 with wet-look locks! Apply a little wet-look gel spray just at the roots on your hair and brush straight back. To finish off, complete the vibe with full brows and cat eyes. For an even more wearable trend, try a wet-look with center-parting AND you will definitely work the wet-look trend into a neat blow-dry. However, if you just can’t stand wet-look locks, get on with a messy trend with long, loose strands of hair across your face.

Still in love with the banging bangs? A few longer strands around the edges of the face will soften a full fringe, so go for the fringes! I do love the eye-skimming bangs, totally chic! Depending on how bold you want to look a long, side-swept fringe slicked-down is one of this season’s biggest trends..

Okay now forget spending hours in rollers! This season’s blow-dries are simple, easy and simply beautiful. For an easy blow-dry, all you need to do is create a rough center-parting and gently blow-dry downwards while holding the drier at an angle, this would add texture if you gently scrunch your locks throughout, where an off center-parting surely gives it a more calmer feel. Don’t forget to apply a serum for added shine to your tresses also look for one which provides heat protection. Needless to say; having hair which are not only sleek but also glossy is all about providing enough moisture to them so they don’t dry out and go rough or frizzy. So don’t forget to get regular trims and religiously following deep conditioning treatments once or twice a week to ensure all this.

These were a few trends; I will update for more, keep reading this space and let me know your feedback!

Have a good day!

Redah Misbah Qureshi
Creative Director
Depilex – Beauty Clinic & Institute