Top 10 Grooming Products for Men

Hi guys!
How are you doing? Got the Monday blues or back with a revived spirit? Whatever the case is, I hope you slay this week and be at your best. I gotta say that I am extremely humbled by the response you give to my posts. While reading the messages, I got to know that guys (I mean dudes) are equally passionate about my pieces (and actually some of them complained why I don’t do posts that are about men more often)! Well today I am going to cater to those complaints (hope it will be worth it).

When we say that guys are tougher than girls, we mean it! If they got more guts, they also got more problems. The fragile skin and body of girls might be prone to a number of issues but the rough skin and rugged body of guys also give them a tough time. To sway better and to be on point with their hardihood, they must have a good hygiene regime. Since I have developed enough contexts for my argument, let’s dig top 10 grooming products that every guy must have in their man-boudoir!

Neutrogena Skin Clearing Acne Wash

Admit it or not, your face is the first thing most of (I repeat most of) people notice. If it has razor bumps or zits, let’s say, it will be less appealing. A nice, clear skin looks good on every gentleman. So at the top of my list, it’s this skin-cleansing revolution for men and they call it Neutrogena Skin Clearing Acne Wash. Stress, sweat or weather – no matter what got your skin bad, this formula will fix it. Boasting zit-zapping salicylic acid (fancy, right?), it penetrates the pores and helps fight day to day weariness of the face. So guys if you want near to perfect skin, you know what you have to buy.

Gillette Fusion Proglide Flexball

Well this GQ-voted product is a winner when it comes to smooth and trouble-free shaving experience. Its meticulous craft and design technique make it one of the most precise and comfortable razors to use on your skin. It clings to the face and makes it effortless to shave with or against the grain. Just a little reminder that this product was voted as the “Best Razor” by GQ this year. Enough said.

Nivea Post Shave Balm

Are you the victim of post-shave trauma? Be no more! Nivea Men Post Shave Balm works wonders to calm the itching effect after shave and protects your skin from razor bumps. The fragrance and alcohol free formula makes it a real winner. Enriched with vitamin E and Chamomile, the soothing balm not only refreshes the shaved area but also replenishes the tougher part around your kissers with moisture so you can feel smooth, for real. Enticed much? I know, go for it. Oh by the way, in case you rock a beard, don’t bother! Scalp Purifying Shampoo

Very few men products really do what they promise and this is one of them. This London Fashion Week-approved baby rightly does what it states. The shampoo not only strengthens and thickens hair but brilliantly tones and refreshes scalp which is ideal to maintain a natural body and volume. Besides, it has a great scent that makes you and others around you feel good – so good that your girl wouldn’t mind brushing your hair with her fingers.

Clinique For Men – Anti Fatigue Eye Gel

Whether you stay up late for work, have an unbreakable bond with your lappy or you’re a night owl by choice, your eyes are most likely to witness the aftermaths. Such routine can easily give you raccoon-eye dark circles and puffiness. Thanks to this company that you no longer have to deal with this. Clinique For Men – Anti Fatigue Gel seems to fix the problems of circles and puffy bags. The roller ball contains a cooling and refreshing serum that takes care of your under-eye area whiling adding a brightening effect to your overall face so that you look cool even during the morning sessions at gym or that meeting at the office.

Loreal Men Expert Vita Lift 5

When I say everyone needs to moisturize their skin I mean everyone. Men are no exception. The secret to healthy-looking and naturally radiant skin is a good moisturizer and if that promises something extra then bingo! Loreal Men Expert Vita Lift 5 is one of those products that you have long been looking for. This daily moisturizer and anti-ageing formula fights fine lines and rejuvenates your skin while making you feel youthful. Those of you who are still young at heart (or worried about those early wrinkles), this is your thing.

Gucci Guilty Pour Homme

You can well imagine what a nice fragrance is capable of. One of the best things rolled out by one of my most favorite brands, Gucci Guilty had me swooning when I smelled it. A complex mix of citrusy, fruity notes mixed with woody and earthy scents which is so much fun yet very masculine and sophisticated. Those of you who have been planning to invest in a good fragrance, guys this is my personal recommendation! It’s worth every penny and sure to give them girls an olfactory orgasm.

Nivea Sun Protect for Men

Nivea is back with yet another wonderful skincare solution. This Sun Protect For Men gives a nice sheen while smoothly settling to the skin. The water resistant and immediate UVA-UVB formula makes a great SPF solution that gives maximum protection against sun. A smell that you won’t mind at all, this one is a must-have summer essentials.

Dove Men+Care Dry Spray Antiperspirant

Nice cologne and an effective deodorant go hand in hand. If you don’t fancy summer and sweat is your problem then Dove Men+Care Dry Spray Antiperspirant is the solution you seek. It boasts 48 hour protection against odor and wetness. Bonus? It won’t stain your favorite shirt like other deodorants so you can lift your arms whenever you want without getting embarrassed. Cool, isn’t it?

Axe White Label Night Cooling Style Cream

If you have pulled off a perfect OOTD but your hair are not on point then you’ve lost the game. Your hair gotta look sharp while you’re at it. If you are looking for a product that promises good hold for styling yet doesn’t make your strands rock hard then Axe White Label Night Cooling Style Cream is the thing you would want to get your hands on. Great for lasting hold, the cream smells great while allowing for a re-workable style which is much needed in this humid weather.

And it’s a wrap! Let me know if you liked it. Thank you for your positive reception and candid feedback. I really appreciate it! Until next time.

Love, Redah.