Top 5 Fitness Myths Busted

Rise and shine folks!
Hope you had a wonderful Eid and made the most out of this festive time. Eid is the time of yummy treats and no one minds gobbling on those mouthwatering eats. Raise your hand if you gave your taste buds the time of their life (*raising both hands*). Well, I am sure you had a ball and never felt guilty about munching on your favorite dishes. Those of you who are thinking to get back to their fitness regime, let me tell you guys, you’re thinking straight. This is the time to get back in the game! Alright now, before you start prioritizing your activities and daily routines, I wanna share something with you guys that I came across recently.

All of us have some rituals that we religiously follow (or followed at some point in our lives) but it becomes a real party pooper when we come to know that the very belief we adhere to is no more than a myth. Yes, it gives us one of the biggest shocks of our life but sadly we can’t deny the truth. We gotta face it. So the today’s blog is about debunking some of the fitness myths that I have followed myself (guilty as charged). No more waiting, let’s do this.

Eating less will make you thinner

The lie of all the lies, this one needs to be busted first. All of you who have been starving to death, it’s time to get real. Holding back your hand from eating will only lead to health issues than weight loss. Yes, you might end up losing some pounds initially but you’ll be doing some serious damage to your health. However, eating in small portions for 5 to 6 times a day will work wonders for cutting some extra pounds. Shocked? I am serious. You can divide these meals according to basic intake of healthy carbs and fats, protein and vitamins. Small and frequent portions will perfect your metabolism and you’ll lose weight effectively without losing your health.

More time in the gym = Better results

Have you seen those folks in your gym who spent 2-3 hours on average each day but you rarely see it working? Are you one of those fellas? If yes, you need to stop, like NOW. Let me tell you, longer workouts in no way mean better workouts. The world is smart and you gotta be smarter. Seek an expert advice and pick smart and effective workout that works best for your body type. Don’t waste your precious time and efforts lifting weights and sweating on treadmill. Be a fitness freak without going insane. A smartly designed workout that takes into consideration your body is best to score your desired bod goal. If you’re on a quest of fat loss then high intensity interval training (HIIT) works best. Got no time to hit the gym? Benefit from those Youtube tutorials and make it work at home – don’t forget to perfect your angles though!

Stretching prepares your muscles for a workout

No. It might come as a shock to you but it’s true. Research has proved that stretching limits your muscle’s range of motion which hinders your way especially when you’re lifting weights. Stretching is actually beneficial after you have completed your workout and will help you feel smooth. A warm-up before your workout is the best way to get the blood flowing and getting the muscles ready for the training. There are a number of warm-up exercises that you can do to get started. Ask your trainer for the most appropriate ones or dig online – you’ll find plenty. For starters, jumping jacks work best. You can even groove to your favorite tunes to get it pumping, just saying.

No Pain, No Gain

We all have read that, heard dudes saying this a little too often and oh yes, hashtags, shirt slogans and what not. Let’s put all that in drain, should we? If you’re hurting yourself while working out, you’re either doing it wrong or you have some injury that isn’t very supportive. However, it’s okay to feel sore for a day or two after you target a particular muscle during the workout but a continuous pain is not promising. If your trainer is pushing you to hit it higher without realizing it then it’s probably the time to change your trainer!

Crunches = Flat Abs

Wrong. No doubt crunches qualify for one of the most promising abdominal exercises but they are not the key to flat abs. while they help in toning up abs and torso muscles but they don’t burn enough calories to get rid of fat in the abdominal area. Unless that fat is not worked out, those babies won’t pop out any sooner. As the famous saying goes, abs are made in the kitchen so a right diet is a must for results. You need to manage your body fat through plenty of cardio and strength training in addition to just crunches to see the fruits of your labor.

That’s all folks! Hope this post helped you understand fitness better and you’re more aware of the truth behind some of the most common beliefs out there. Be aware and opt for a smarter way to fitness. Stay in touch. Until next time.

Love, Redah.