Eid Essentials to make this Eid more Special

Hello beautiful!
The last Ashra of Ramzan is about to end (can’t believe the month passed so quickly) and soon the festivities of Eid will begin. Where this auspicious occasion is the time to celebrate and cherish good moments, it is also a reminder to keep the spirit of Ramzan alive. Parties, get-togethers, countless selfies, hangouts, henna, excitement, shopping, Eidi – oh the blissful time of the year has a lot in store for us. Besides these obvious joys, there are some things that you can do to make this Eid more special (and meaningful) for you and those around you. Need some help? Here’s the list of some Eid must-dos to make you feel good.

Shop & share

Getting new clothes, shoes and accessories for Eid is a MUST, right? Nothing feels as good as showing off your OOTD and making some head turns in your circle. Every Lahorie knows what it is like to step out of home in the evening when Eid is near! Those of you who gave charity during Ramzan know the peace it brings. Well, not much, you can experience the same. This Eid, when you are out with your shopping list, remember those who can’t afford to wear new clothes on Eid. Especially kids that are not as privileged as you are. Buy them new clothes (or whatever you can buy) and see the glow in their eyes while you hand them the stuff they long for. Trust me, the feeling is irreplaceable.

Pray and Thank

If you were lucky enough to strengthen your spiritual bond during the holy month, great! Nothing is more satisfying then welcoming the joys of Eid with some gratitude. Get ready and offer Eid prayer to thank God for everything you have been blessed with. Take some moments and appreciate all the blessings that you have bestowed upon so that you can be blessed with more. And you know what follows when you get home after prayer, right? Yes lots and lots of Eidi along with mom-special meetha! Generously give and take Eidi and spread happiness while you are it.

Cook for your friends

I am sure you must have tried your hands on a new recipe during this Ramzan. If not, then Eid is the time to do so! I know cooking on Eid doesn’t sound so much fun but hey, if you have a crazy bunch of your friends over, it can be exciting. Put on your chef hat and get down to show ‘em how it’s done! Prepare a yummy feast for your family and friends and get ready to listen some “Mmmms” and “Wows”!

Pamper yourself

In addition to the ‘glow’ you have earned during the holy month of Ramzan, you might need some extra pampering to look on point on Eid. Yes, I am talking about making those just-in-time appointments to your favorite salon. Forget worries for a while and focus on saying goodbye to the weary you. Indulge yourself with some me-time and feel like at the top of the world. Go for a new haircut (if there need be), get a forever-pending skin treatment done, give your hands and feet a refreshing boost with mani-pedi and be prepared to leave everyone in awe on Eid.

Embrace the Good & pass it on

Lastly, let’s resolute to bid farewell to Ramzan but not to its spirit. Remember the little good things that this month edifies and try to make them a part of your life. Spread love. Share happiness. Give. Strive for balance. Be good at heart and work for the purification of mind, body and soul. Above all, be patient and learn to accept things that don’t fit your notions of normality. Find sanity in the midst of all the craziness. Whoa, things got serious unintentionally I see – to sum it all up, just be good and believe in Karma!
Wishing you all a very happy Eid! Have fun and make someone’s day with your smile. Remember me in your good thoughts and keep me posted. Until next time.