How to be at your best during Ramzan

Hello beauties!
Hope you’re doing well! With summer at its boom, sun is too generous these days. The heat wave has hit a higher level and we all know that in the following days, the season is gonna be harsher. Ramzan is around the corner which means there’s a new chance for slaying those extra pounds (which you have been planning to lose for long) and embark on a spiritual journey. Living in the city of foodies, we all know what the ‘traditional’ Ramzan is like in Lahore but fasting in such weather needs some extra care which is why yours truly has come up with this post.
I know we all are tempted by the yummy food and cuisines that the holy month brings along and it’s definitely hard to resist the urge to munch on but we all gotta remember the message of this month which is nothing but moderation. Fasting in summer can be challenging but if done right, it can be super helpful for a revival in the body and spirit. So while you are at it, following is the list of some tips for being at your best during the month of blessings and bliss.

Hydrate Well
I have explained the importance of hydration and water intake a zillion times before and I won’t shy to talk about it time and again. Fasting during the peak of summer can soak up the essential fluids and eventually dehydrate our body which is why it is absolutely imperative to maintain a healthy hydration level during Ramzan.
I am not saying to fill your tummy with liquids from Iftar to Sehri until you bloat but you can slowly replenish your body with the right choice of foods. Make sure you include healthy beverages during Iftar and Sehri (such as smoothies, fresh juices and shakes) and limit the usage of fizzies and sodas (don’t let the thematic commercials of those beverages mislead you!). Drink water with intervals so that your body cells can absorb maximum water to be able to function well for the following day. Hydration, along with moderation is the key to make the best of Ramzan.

Welcome Veggies and Fruits
I know it’s easier said than done. With a table that is full of fried food and hefty portions of appetizing chows, it’s not easy to let go but trust me it can be done. Fruits and veggies can provide our body with the vitamins that we tend to lose during the fasting. Bonus? They are light and refreshing. Opt for a bowl of fresh fruits or salad in Iftar and be surprised to see its wondrous effects on your stomach and body. It will make you feel fuller so you’ll less likely to pick other meals that are low on nutrition and high on calories. If you don’t fancy to nibble on them, juice ‘em up and gulp it down. A great alternative for easy hydration, you won’t miss out the goodness of fruits and veggies. Easy, does it?

No Junk, Please
Processed and junk food surely makes an easy (and tempting) option to fill your table with the Iftar essentials but it’s no good, trust me. Choose foods that are wholesome and also have some nutritional value. Usually, processed food is a quick ‘pick and munch’ solution and most of the time, it’s fried. Oily and fried food tends to slow down our metabolism as we fill our empty stomach after hours of fasting so try to avoid it as much as possible. I, in no way, plan to sabotage your family tradition of a mouthwatering table of lip-smacking Iftar snacks but I know that it does more harm than good. Be moderate with your food choices and food intake and aim to be fit this Ramzan.

A Walk to Remember
Yes, I am talking about the walk after Iftar or (any hour after Iftar that suits you), not the movie we all loved! Some physical activity can boost your digestion while regulating your blood flow. I know people in my circle who are so devoted to their fitness that they don’t miss their workout even in Ramzan. I know such species are rare but you can at least spare some time for a little walk and jog session. Those of you who have a body goal to cut some fat, this is the time to achieve it!

Less Outing, More Family Time
From the past few years, breaking fasts with the extensive buffet menus in restaurants has become a common practice. I don’t know about others but there’s nothing like a family Iftar at home. A table that is set with homemade Iftar treats is way better (and healthier) than dining at a restaurant. Of course, I am not judging anyone for having their Iftar at a restaurant as it’s a personal choice but I am just saying that Iftar at home is the best thing ever. Prefer a moderate Iftar at home instead of gorging on endless dishes at a restaurant that have more calories and less nutrition.

Say Yes to a Hearty Sehri
I know waking up for Sehri is no joke; it is a matter of strong will and determination. Although letting go your comfy sleep and precious bed is bad but you know what’s worst; not eating during the Sehri! Yes, our religion has emphasized on eating in Sehri for a reason. Eating in Sehri gives our body the strength to endure and function well but you gotta make sure that you’re eating right.
Include diary in your Sehri along with some wholegrain bread and cereal. A hearty bowl of yogurt with some fresh seasonal fruits is my tried and tested method to feel good during fasting. For a change in routine, you can also have a bowl of wholegrain cereal. Top it up with some fruits and honey and voila, you’re set for a great day ahead! Those of you, who just can’t do without a paratha, try including smoothies and fresh juices to stay hydrated. Remember, skipping Sehri is a big no-no so always stay ready for it. For the night owls who are free from colleges and universities, this shouldn’t be a problem!

Rediscover Yourself
Meditation, which seems to be a popular aspect of Yoga and modern physical education these days, has been an integral part of our religion. Ramzan is the perfect time for spiritual healing so go an extra mile to benefit from the essence of the holy month. My purpose is not to be preachy about anything but Ramzan is definitely the time to be thankful for all the blessings and things we take for granted. Show your gratitude and try to be better person. Spread love and happiness. Show empathy and try to foster the best side of yourself.

That’s all for now, folks. Your feedback and support is welcomed as always so don’t feel shy to share! Take care of yourself and others around you. Happy Ramzan!
Love, Redah.