Top Movies to Watch in 2016

Hello dearies!
How is summer coming along? Before I get down to anything else, I wanna thank all of you for showering me with your love and support. You guys are awesome! So, I have been doing quite a lot of posts on beauty, hygiene and self-maintenance, right? This time, I thought to write about one of the most common (yet amazing) leisure time activities. Yes, movies (don’t we all love em?).
Your money is important and so is your time so I am going to do a quick roundup of top movies that you must watch this year. Some of them have already rocked the blockbuster (as their tallies suggest) and some of them are yet to release. I usually don’t like commercial flicks but I also understand and value the entertainment side of the movies. So, the following list includes some of the movies that I have watched (and liked) and the ones I am eagerly looking forward to. Sounds good? Let’s do this!

There is absolutely no doubt about the power of a good anime which is capable of teaching us some deep life lessons. I am sure a lot of classics are popping up in your head at the moment but hold your horses and listen to me. Zootopia might come across a movie based on an imaginary city of animals but it unfolds so much with absolute wit and ingenuity.
The rich content coupled with great graphic details make Zootopia a great entertainer. Those of you have already watched it must know why it is at the top of my list but those of you who haven’t; must watch it, like NOW. You can even get your hands on a reasonable print (thanks to torrents) if you are too lazy to go out and buy a DVD. Great for binge-watching, include in this in your weekend must-dos and thank me later!

Hail, Caesar!
Conceived and directed by the creative geniuses Joel and Ethan Coen, Hail, Caesar! throws us back to the golden era of Hollywood. A mind-stimulating plot, well-thought characters and sassy musical numbers enhance the greatness of the film while keeping viewers hooked to the screen. The story revolves around a studio fixer who cleans up names of big shots in the industry. And oh, by the way, the tap-dancing Channing Tatum is surely an eye candy no lady would ever want to miss!
Finding Dory
Thos e of you who have been entranced by Finding Nemo must have been counting days till Finding Dory hits the cinemas (so am I). I recently watched the trailer and got all excited so it had to be on my list. You know, the good part about animation is that it keeps you entertained and the subtext teaches you something deeper, something meaningful. Story of the friendly and forgetful blue tang fish, Finding Dory is expected to give you a good time along with some real-life lessons about family and relations along the way. Excited much?

Commercial flicks are not my cup of tea but I have always watched and admired cult Bollywood. Lately I watched movies like Masaan, Mein Aur Charles and Margarita with a Straw and my faith in Bollywood restored. Among others, one of the Bollys that are currently on my must-watch list is Te3n. Starring the talented trio, Amitabh Bachan, Nawazuddin Siddiquie and Vidya Balan, the movie is based on a quest to find a missing child. It is set to release on June, 10 and I can’t wait for it.

X-Men: Apocalypse
If you have been religiously following the sensational X-Men series then surely you wouldn’t have missed this one but those of you who haven’t, give it a try. It’s addictive. Released a few days ago, the movie is quite the rage on box office and has managed to get a 7.5 rating on IMDB. Based on the rise of a mutant, a self-proclaimed God, the movie shows the union of X-Men and their toil to destroy his plans for the world extinction. Mind-blowing action sequences paired with to-die-for 3D effects, X-Men: Apocalypse is surly the movie of the month.

Suicide Squad
This one got me hooked since its promotional material came out in the last year. Set to release in August, Suicide Squad has been a sensation on television and internet. A treat for the Joker fans (beautifully portrayed by the Oscar-winning Jared Leto), the movie reveals the story of some of the super villains recruited by a secret agency for a greater mission in exchange for their shorter prison sentences. The amazing cast and extreme characters have already created the rage and audiences from around the world have their eyes on its release date.

Just when I thought Salman Khan doesn’t have it in him anymore, the trailer of Sultan came out and it compelled me to change my mind. Although the fans of Bhai are all smiles already but fellas like me are equally thrilled by Sultan. Centered on the journey of a Kabbadi player and his life struggles, Sultan seems to mark a great comeback for Salman Khan as an actor (not as a star). The movie looks really promising from its trailer and I wouldn’t mind spending my bucks on this one.

10 Cloverfield Lane
If you fancy horror and mystery then this is one of the best thrillers you’d be watching. Although I am not really a fan of horror but this one was not one of those ordinary gores you see to get some chills. 10 Cloverfield Lane masterfully weaves three central characters together in a bracing plot that is enhanced by their effortless performances. Just to give you a hint, the story revolves around a young woman who finds herself in an underground bunker after an accident. Has she been saved from an apocalyptical event (as told by two fellows in the bunker) or she is kept there for other motives? Watch and find out yourself!

Let me know which one of these you have already watched and which ones intrigued you. I am always up for listening to your feedback and questions. Have a great week and keep smiling! Until next time.
Love, Redah.