6 makeup dos to make your eyes stand out

1. Don’t ever leave out grooming your brows!

Your eyebrows frame your face, complete your look, can elongate and slim your face so don’t leave them out. Here’s my simple step by step to the perfect brow:
Tools needed: tweezer, eyebrow brush, small scissors, brown eye shadow, flesh/ cream colored pencil, highlighter
– hold your brush placing it from the corner of your nostril straight up to where your eyebrows start- mark this and remove all stray hair. Next, looking directly forward, line up the brush from the edge of your nose, along your iris, to your eyebrow- Make a mark, noting this to be where the highest point of your arch should be. Finally, hold the pencil from the edge of your nostril, up past the outermost corner of your eye, and mark where your eyebrow should end.
– using the Eyebrow brush comb your hair upwards and using the scissors very carefully cut away any extra long hair
– now take a cream colored pencil like High Brow by Benefit and line your brow bone and blend it using your fingers. Apply a highlighter like Kevyn Aucoin ‘The Celestial Powder’ in Candlelight
– fill in your brows with an eye shadow instead of a pencil for a more natural look. Wedge by Mac is a great option

2. Eye shadows according to eye colors

The color of your eyes can be greatly enhanced by choosing a correct shade of color which can make your eyes appear bigger. Brown eyed girls are lucky because they can pretty much get away with anything but shades of olive, green, deep blue and any shadows that have an undertone of gold will do wonders. If your are hesitant about using colors like blue or green start by applying the usual makeup that you do like apply an eyeliner and then dab a deep blue or green to the inner corners of yours eyes and pack on the mascara

3. Pick a deeper shade of eye shadow to line your socket

This is one technique that instantly not only makes your eyes appear bigger but adds depth and drama. Using a flat eye shadow brush to apply a cream coloured shimmery shade all over your eye lid and brow bone then use a brown eye shadow and start applying the product from the outer corner of your eyes, following the crease of your eye and blend in to the socket line. My favorite product to create depth is Cordura by Nars and for the base shadow I recommend Masarrat Misbah Makeup Eye Varnish Velvet Pearl. Remember you can always dampen eye shadows to make application more pigmented.

4. Use a white or flesh coloured pencil on the rim of your lower lash line

This is my go to technique on days I have sleepy eyes. Apply a flesh colored pencil like Illamasqua Eye Coloring Pencil in Vow to the inside bottom rim of the eye to widen and brighten. The white or flesh color means it’s foolproof to apply and works with all skin tones because you put it on the inside of the eye and the wax texture keeps it in place all day long

6. Don’t ever leave out the eyelash curler

The one makeup tool I was literally afraid off just because it’s kind of uncomfortable to use on yourself but once I got the hang of it..really it’s one thing I can’t complete my look without. Hers a quick how to:
– heat up the eye lash curler with a hairdryer or get one that heats up like Sephoras Mini Heated Curler
– Pack on mascara in a zig zag manner to both lashes
– Wait 30 seconds and apply another coat

7. Try falsies

Don’t be afraid to them..I know they can look intimidating and now you get super natural looking full set ones or individuals that you can apply to the corners for that natural feel and extra pop. The easiest way to apply them is hold the lashes using a tweezer, use a cotton bud apply the glue the lashes and gently place on the middle of your lash line with the help of the tweezer. My favorite tweezer are by tweezer man they give you really good grip and control and I cant begin to tell you what a game changer Huda Beauty eyelashes in Mink Naomi are- just try them!