Top 5 Hair Trends for Summer’16

Hello sunshine, how’s the day going?

Among others, one of the biggest struggles that women have to deal with during the summers is hair. Yes, those strands are capable of driving you nuts if they are not given proper attention during the hotter season. No time is more appropriate than summer to give your strands some good time with the scissors. The sweltering season calls for some sexy changes in your hairdo. If you are already thinking about getting a haircut and the confusion about a perfect style makes you wanna pull you hair, you’ve come to the right place, sweetie. Cracking the code of gorgeous hair is toil (I feel you) but with some homework (and money) it’s doable.

In summers when the sun is up to scorch us all, one would never want to burn them up with hot tools. So obviously, you’d want hair that are as low-maintenance as possible and naturally add to your flair. I’ve come across so many styles and hairdos that rocked the international ramps lately but honestly, only a few of them can fit the kind of summers we have in Lahore! So here’s the list of my personal favorite hair trends for summer 2106 that my desi divas can easily pull off.

Man Bun
Off the neck and shoulders hair are truly a great summer bliss, right? Add a little bit of swag in it and a girl wouldn’t ask for anything else. Yes ladies, I am talking about that sexy man bun which goes perfectly with the summery street-style look. The best part is that everyone can rock this trend regardless of their hair texture and length. Bonus? You can even get away with unwashed and slightly greasy hair (wink) with style.
Just twirl your hair up high pin ‘em up and tada, you’re set to hit the roads with swag. Top it up with your classic loops and black shades and walk the streets feeling and looking at your best. The absolutely no-maintenance makes man buns very less demanding and it’s ideal for those who are not very fond of those lazy long summer days.

The Iconic Bob
The beautiful off-the-shoulder bob is just the right type of hair every chic woman hopes or looks for. No matter what hair type you have, this classic makes one of the hottest summer hair trends. You can go for long layers from the sides and a chop-off from the back. Just make sure you’re getting it done from a professional so that you can pull it off the right way.

Pigtails and Ponytails
Remember the time of the school when your mother used to wrap your hair in bands and ribbons? Those were cute, right? Take that, mix it with some contemporary styles and there, you have mastered a modern girl’s look. High ponytails created quite the rage in 2015 and now they are back with the classic pigtails. This trend is perfect for the girls who adore long hair as much as they hate the hot season. Pigtails falling down the shoulder across the chest are totally dope and every girl can pull off this hippy, tribal look during the season which is considered a curse for girls with long hair.

Center Parts with Wavy Shags
Top stylists for world-renowned designers picked canter parts as the perfect option to blend sweet and low profile with some sultry diva-ish up do. If you naturally have wavy locks, you’re in luck as this hairstyle won’t require much from you. There’s something settling about center parts which gives the impression of a youthful yet meticulously put-together woman. Center parts with wavy shags let you brilliantly mix sweet girl charm with the laid-back star attitude and the trend works well for any given day of the summer.

Bouncy Blowout with Side Flick
Side parts have always been considered bold and confident. We all have kept (or at least experimented) with the side layers and bangs at one point in our lives. If you prefer short hair that speak volumes then having a bouncy blowout with the side flick is the ultimate choice for the season. I have included this hairstyle in my list for two reasons. A, it can be kept easily for a regular day; all You gotta do is get out of the shower, wet-dry your hair, crunch them up with your palms and you’re done. B, if you’re heading out for a party, blow dry a bit, comb the side flick and here you have the hair for the evening. It’s as simple as that. Steal some hearts and easily nail any summer get-together, a date night or an evening hangout with this hair. Easy, does it?

That concludes my list of the hottest hair trends for summer 2016. Don’t forget to tell me which ones you liked the best and which ones you’re up for trying. Would love to hear from you, like always. Until next time.
Love, Redah.