7 life rules every woman should follow

Hello pretties!
How’s the day going? Today I’m in the mood of some ‘real’ talk. You know how we all have some maxims and rules that we stick to no matter what happens. Those tiny things that greatly define who we are as a person? Yeah, you know what I’m talking about. I follow some too and today I’d like to share a few with you guys. I think they are very helpful and can positively impact your life to a great extent. Ready? Let’s get started.

#1: Be yourself & love it

Yes. This applies to everyone. You might have read books about this subject or have heard great philosopher talk about it. The truth is, it’s one of those things that need constant reinforcement. Nothing is more comforting than being content with what you’ve got and who you are as a person. I’m obviously referring to people who go to an extra mile to be good to themselves and others (this definitely excludes people whose attitude needs a fix).
In the times we live in today where everyone is trying to change you, it takes some real courage to challenge what others expect you to become. If you have a certain belief, stick to it. Nurture it, protect it. Got a passion? Adhere to it devotionally and strive to be best at it. The idea of loving yourself might sound cheesy but a little self love is important. How can you expect others to love you when you don’t love yourself! Once you start accepting and loving yourself, only then you can foster the goods in you. Trust me, this will give your confidence a great boost and you’ll see a wave of positive change in your personality.

#2: Accept your age
With all these women going nuts about surgeries and trying to hide their age, one is most likely to freak out about their age. Take a deep breath and relax. It’s natural. The fact is that we all are going to age so why not age gracefully while we are at it, right? Embrace the woman you’ve become over the years. Those wrinkles and greys are your grace and they notify that you’ve been through a lot. Above all, you’ve lived.
If you’re in your 30s and already getting worried about being old, trust me honey it won’t bring anything but mental discomfort. I’m not saying or implying that you should ignore yourself and take things as they come by. Take good care of yourself. Maintain a healthy lifestyle and you’ll start feeling beautiful, inside out.
#3: Surround yourself with supportive people, especially women
If you have people who help you get through the times when you are not feeling at your best then consider yourself lucky. Have someone who totally gets you? Tell them that you love them. Have a sister who is your bestie? Cherish her. Got a girl gang that you love? Keep it. It’s absolutely imperative to have a support system to fall back on when the chips are down.
Women who encourage you to push your limits and have faith in your endeavors are a priceless treasure that you’ve earned. Get rid of the gossip mongers (you know well who they are) and seek a company who is up for discussing more meaningful things instead of talking about who broke up with whom and who is going through a troubled teen. This might sound boring at the moment but you’ll see how great and therapeutic it can be.

#4: Maintain a healthy beauty regime and lifestyle

When I say healthy, I mean you should not just put on every single cosmetic product that comes your way. Stick to your essentials to look on point every day. I know it’s absolutely overwhelming to see the stuff we find at makeup stores but trust me you can get away with fewer things in your makeup staple. Do you like to experiment? Cool, because it’s actually good to change your beauty regime after every 2-3 months. I suggest that you see a good dermatologist, know your skin type and find out how far you can go about experimenting with new things for your skin.
If you’re the kind of woman who is into exercising, great; if you’re not then try to become that woman. I know we all have super hectic schedules but sparing some moments for yourself is important. In case you can’t maintain a routine for workout then try to maintain a healthier lifestyle. Eat clean, stay hydrated and keep junk food for cheat days only! Sometimes a small change can make a big difference so try and find those small things that work for you.

#5: Keep your skin clean
I have come across a lot of woman who only wash their face before going to bed and neglect cleansing it in the morning. Getting rid of the dust and residuals on your face after a long day is surely great but washing it in the morning is also necessary. Oil and other secretions overnight need to be cleaned in the morning. Exfoliating every now and then also helps in keeping dead skin off of your face. A clear skin is also an outcome of a healthy diet so eat clean.

#6: Always smell good
Ever watched a movie when the hero goes all crazy with the whiff of the heroine’s scent? It happens in real life as well! Never underestimate the power of a good perfume and if you find one, instantly go for it. Smelling bad is a big turnoff for everyone. I just can’t take it if a woman smells bad, it’s harsh but it’s the truth. If you smell good, you automatically feel more confident about your presence and can slay any given day without doing much. Wear a signature scent and let others have an olfactory orgasm whenever you’re around.

#7: Never sleep with your makeup on

I have said it earlier, I’ll say again. Never, EVER, go to bed with your makeup on. Let’s make it a rule and follow it religiously. If you can take out time in the morning to put it on, you can spare some moments in the night to take it off as well. Sleeping with your makeup on can clog your pores and speed up the process of breakouts and acne. Promise me, you’ll never forget this one, okay?

Well, that’s about it, ladies. Thank you for putting up with my posts and always being so welcoming! I have been hearing great things from you guys and would love to see it rolling. Until next time.
Love, Redah.