Lip color trends spring 2016

Hello babes!
How’re you guys doing today? What an unexpected twist in weather these days, no? Lahore is experiencing a bit of winter in spring. A touch of color onto the canvas of our daily lives along with some chilly wind is weirdly romantic and I hope you guys are finding it fascinating. Last night, I was going through a post about the recent international fashion week and one thing that instantly grabbed my attention was the colorful, rather bold, choice of lip colors that models wore.
If there is one beauty product that I have to name which can give an instant boost to your look; I’d say lipstick without thinking twice! No matter if you’re into matt or classic shades or fancy being experimental with the brighter hues, there’s something for everyone as far as lippies are concerned. It’s really captivating how a dash of color can impact the whole look you’re planning to carry for the day. With spring in full swing, I was thinking that a splash of some bold, refreshing colors to complement the festivity of the season won’t be a bad idea. With this, let me introduce you to the latest lip color trends for spring 2016. Excited? Here we go.

Rebellious Red
One color that is an undisputed king of all lip colors is red. Yes ladies, this forever classic is a hot favorite this spring too. Nothing is more rejoicing than seeing a woman perfectly rocking red lips. Be careful with your choice of eye shadows though. I suggest you go as subtle as possible with your eye makeup and let your lips be bold with the beautiful hue of red. A great option to perk up whites and pastels, Orchard red will be just the right choice to nail your #OOTD!

Petal Pink
I don’t know about you guys but I have this thing for pink lips. From baby pink to shocking pink (and EVERYTHING in between), pink is one color that never goes out of fashion. Glossy, matt or tinted, pick whatever pleases you. Wondering what to choose out of the countless shades of pink? Gotcha! Go for petal pink for an ethereal look. No matter what tone you like, pinky promise me that you’re not going to let the season of colors pass without adding some pink to it, okay?

Deep Berry
My love for berries is eternal. A lip color in deep berry shade? Yes please! If you’re into plunging shirts and ripped jeans then you can’t ignore this lip color. A dramatic coat of deep berry will take your rugged outlook up a notch by adding on to your confidence. Put it on, be pout-ready and make those head turns, twice!

Poppy Peach
If your makeup staple doesn’t have any type of peach, you need to take a round to your favorite makeup store, like NOW. If you own it, you are in luck because it’s one of those things that your lips need this season. Pepping up for that spring feast? You don’t wanna skip this feisty shade of peach. Paired up with bold and extended eyeliner, matt or creamy peach is the ultimate option for a sunny brunch or an outdoor get together. Ready to give spring a good run for its colors?

Plum Please
A perfect blend of color and boldness, plum created quite the rage on the international ramps this year. Floral prints are everywhere this season so wine-colored, vampy lips are ideal to create a sultry contrast between the soft colors of your outfits. Put a dash of plum on to your kissers and get ready to slay any given day like a femme fatale.

Creamy Crimson
Where others find it close to red, those who are really passionate about makeup will understand why I put crimson as a separate lip color. It’s luscious and radiant. Best to go with the greys, whites and other lighter shades of your wardrobe, crimson makes a killer makeup essential this spring. My verdict? Get a crimson lipstick in creamy finish to balance off the coarseness with luxury.

All Orange
Who said the season of orange is over? With your lips rocking this beautiful color this spring, I don’t think so! To compliment the vibrancy of the season, add some orange to your lips & get into the shoes of a pop diva. Bonus? Try adding a neckpiece in gold and tada, there you go girl.

Barely Brown
Are you the kind of person who would prefer wearing a subtle lip color while staying on point with the latest lip color sensations? Perfect, because nude brown is just the right color for you. Nude lippies have been in vogue for quite some time now and a number of tones are making a fresh start this year. One of the hottest colors of the season, nude brown will help you make a mark without making you feel like you are trying too much. Get it in matt, toss it in your vanity box and bingo, you’re all set to take on the world!

Fantastic Fuchsia
A blissful fusion of pink and purple, fuchsia is one of the greatest hybrids known to mankind (or should I say, womankind!). You know what’s great about this shade? It fits mostly all skin tones and creates an effortless impact. Perfect for making a statement through your lips, fuchsia is for those who like the idea “talk less, say more”.

Quite Cashmere
You might have seen many flaunting a cashmere wool jacket in winters but guess what, this is one of the most promising lip colors of spring 2016. Subtle and elegant, cashmere lips are a thing this spring. Give yourself a flying kiss while putting it on and you won’t have to do much to make a perfectly put-together woman!

This sums up the list of blazing lip color trends of spring 2016. Hope you guys liked the compilation. Let me know which color appealed to you the most and which ones you are willing to try. And yes, who says you have to move your lips to talk? Go vibrant this spring and let your lips do the talking! Until next time.
Love, Redah.