Blog 9 – Seven Super Foods That Help Your Skin

Happy Monday-ing fellas!

Don’t we just love to think and talk about food? During work hours at office, everyone starts thinking about it way before the lunch break. Because let’s just face it, food is life. For some it’s just a meal, for others, it’s EVERYTHING! (I’m among the ones who believe in the latter). Healthy food and a great skin go hand in hand. Eating clean keeps you tough inside and beautiful outside. I often come across the question “how do I make my skin look younger, healthier and fresher?” Today, I’ll address that question in detail in my post. The secret of perfectly radiant and healthy skin doesn’t always lie in your vanity table. Just like they say that abs are made in the kitchen; beautiful skin is acquired with healthy food choices. What you eat gets reflected through your health and obviously, your skin. Eating clean has wondrous affects on our health that show through our body and skin. Nature has blessed us with countless bounties. Among others, some foods are just meant to make our skin (and tummy) happy. Yes, I am talking about those “super foods” that help your skin. They are like beauty boosters. These foods won’t make you look ten years younger (how we wish it could happen!), but their regular consumption will miraculously fix your skin, making it feel fresh and rejuvenated. Let’s just explore them one by one.

Rich with anti-oxidants, these tiny rounds (and ovals) are full of rejuvenation. Not only they taste great, but also have amazing healing powers for your skin. For those who yearn for a wrinkle-free, young-looking and fresh skin, berries are divine. “Tis the season of berries! Pick any type you like (Strawberries and blueberries are my fav!) and add them to your snack time. Bonus? You can eat them whenever and whichever way you like. Cut them in your morning cereal, bake them in muffins or simply toss them in your mouth. Devour them & let them work their magic on your skin! They prevent premature aging and keep your skin charged and fresh.

Olive Oil
The uses and benefits of olive oil are countless. Where most of you might know it as an agent that fights heart diseases and regulates blood flow, only some are aware of its anti-oxidant properties. Yes, olive oil is great for skin and hair. Food that is cooked in olive oil tastes great and it’s very healthy. You can even put it on your face every now and then for skin tightening. More? Since it’s almost odorless, you can gulp down a spoonful of olive oil for healthy stomach and skin. Naturally, this can’t be done every day so make it once or twice a week.

Bell Peppers
As colorful as the gummy bears, bell peppers are enriched with Vitamin C. We all know what Vitamin C is capable of, right? As a natural source, bell peppers add color to your salad and glow to your skin. With the sufficient amount of Vitamin C, you are most likely to have healthy hair, good kin and strong immunity. Deficiencies of Vitamin C can lead to dry skin and split hair which is a major beauty concern. Instead of tossing those pills and supplements, try adding bell peppers in your diet and see the results yourself.

No one is unaware of the benefits of leafy greens. Best for perfecting salads, sandwiches and subs, leafy greens are the ultimate powerhouse of vitamins. A great member of the leafy green family, spinach is an amazing blend of three essential nutrients: Vitamin E, C and Beta-Carotene. Combined together, these three are brilliant wrinkle fighting agents. In addition, they protect your skin from the UV rays (Yup, you need an SPF as well). Spinach works best if eaten raw (okay I am hungry now). Spinach and Feta cheese sandwiches anyone?4

Today, zillion beauty products are available that claim to contain avocado extracts. Rich with Vitamin E and C, avocados make one of the most useful beauty foods. A powerful anti-oxidant, avocado regulates the moisture level and repairs damaged skin cells. If you have dry skin then addition of avocados in your diet is ideal (it works equally fine with normal skin too). Who is including them in their grocery list?

I came across a research lately which claimed that the secret behind the long lives of Soviet Georgians in the 1970s was yogurt. Though the anti-aging powers of yogurt haven’t been proved but it still remains an excellent source of Calcium which is vital to keep osteoporosis at bay. Besides bone health, it is also great for protecting your pearly whites. Good bacteria in yogurt are also essential for a healthy gut and intestines which eventually impact your health and skin. Pop some fruits in yogurt for a nutritious breakfast or evening snack. Tempted? Well I am.

Packed with protein, lentils make a great meal. If you don’t fancy meat that much and want some healthy proteins then nothing is better than lentils. They also contain iron which is great for red blood cells and immunity. A traditional recipe of lentils with rice is an all time classic. You can even make some veggies and lentil soup as a warm treat at any given evening.

This concludes my list of super foods that are good for your skin. Obviously, this list includes just some of the “super foods” because they are plenty and naming them in one post is not possible. Are you familiar with the uses and benefits of any such food? If yes, then feel free to share it with me (hope you are part of my community on Facebook ☺), it’s always a pleasure to listen from you guys! Until next time.