Spring Resolutions: Taking better care of your hair

Hola chicas!
Am I the only one who has started feeling the change in weather already? YES, spring is around the corner! Sitting in your car with the wind screen down and letting your hair do the talking while you muse to your favorite jam; it is definitely a good hair day, right? Dandruff free, oil balanced and naturally volumized hair are every girl’s dream. They are like one of the most beautiful features one can flaunt. Where some are born with the gift of gorgeous hair (ah, who can forget Rapunzel), most REALLY have to try to nail their hair game. Beautiful hair usually come from two things: your diet (duh) and a hair care treatment (equally important). Hair care is a serious affair. No matter what time of the year it is, your hair need continuous fixes and attention. Changing weather can change the pH balance of our scalp which eventually can affect your hair. Where, during in winters, you can get away with a bad hair day by covering your head with a beanie, you can’t do much about it on a sunny day. With spring around the corner, it is important that your hair are on point and you’re ready to whip ‘em back and forth when the spring wind blows! To be able to experience ready-to-roll hair, you have to stick to a better hair care routine. Yes, I am talking about making some spring resolutions, ladies. Resolutions that will help smoothly transition your hair form winter to spring. Let’s put an end to further wait and get started, shall we?

A Vinegar Wash

Okay one might think the idea of washing their hair with vinegar absurd but it’s absolutely amazing. Vinegar is magical. From food seasoning to herbicides, it has many uses. What you might never knew (or tired) is that vinegar is an excellent liquid to wash your hair with. It can strip out the dandruff and the residues of old products, making your hair feel lighter. Vinegar is used in many ways for hair wash. Some mix it with baking soda and use the compound as a ‘shampoo’ to rinse their hair.
However, I’ve got a better bet for you. Shampoo your hair and rinse. Take one part of vinegar (apple cider works best) and one part of water, mix the two and pour the solution onto your hair and scalp. Let it set for a few minutes and then rinse. If using a conditioner after every hair wash is your ritual then go for it otherwise it’s fine. One vinegar wash is enough (and I mean it) for a week. Worried about the smell? The best part, it doesn’t smell bad at all! That’s a win-win, right?

Change your shampoo & conditioner

Flip your hair care regime from winter to spring by changing your shampoo and conditioner. Where we are all up for anything and everything with “moisturizer” in it during winters, try going for lighter options during spring and summer. Our scalp shifts its pH balance due to high temperatures and humidity levels which can result in more oil secretions than normal.
Loading your scalp and hair with a shampoo and conditioner that has moisturizer in it might not be a good option in warmer weather; unless your hair are super dry and need moisturizing. You can also mix and match – try using a shampoo that is suitable for normal hair and add a moisturizing conditioner for a sporadic use. This will help you maintain the moisture balance during spring and your hair will be more manageable.


Oiling never goes out of fashion! Regardless of the season, it is imperative to provide your hair with the essential oils. Four oils that I think are best for spring and summer are jojoba, avocado, coconut and castor oil. Jojoba oil is similar to natural hair sebum and it has antibacterial properties. Not only it moisturizes and fights dandruff buildup but also controls frizz. Avocado oil is high in protein and helps protect hair against damage. Castor oil improves scalp circulation and helps in hair re-growth. Coconut oil conditions hair and eliminates dandruff.
You can pick and choose out of these and oil your hair every time you go for a wash. Gently massage with your finger tips and let the oil cover your scalp. And please, forget about keeping the oil in your hair for all night long – 2 to 3 hours works absolutely fine and it is recommended.

Fix your frizz with a serum

Frizz is inevitable when the weather is warmer and the humidity level shoots. Days when your hair go out of proportion with a nasty flyaway are definitely bad hair days in spring and summers. Besides taming your hair with hot iron or a straightener, try using a good anti-frizz serum. Apply a small amount in damp hair before you blow dry them. Only put the serum from mid to the end of your hair; don’t apply it near your roots to avoid a greasy look. Fix your frizz like a pro and easily go with the spring flow!

A ‘hello spring’ haircut!

Yes, we all need it. As temperature starts picking up the pace so do the problems of long hair. Nothing welcomes the warmer season than a nice lighter haircut. If you already have shorter hair; bravo, if not then go for a new haircut. If you fancy long hair (or are afraid of scissors) then go for a trim to snip those dead strands. A haircut or trim every now and then is healthy as it helps in getting rid of the split ends and adds volume to hair. If you are into short hair then head to your favorite stylist and chop those winter-survived hair! So who’s ready for a bob?

Hair, like your skin need extra care. Keeping and flaunting beautiful hair is not a rocket science but it surely demands some work. The aforementioned ways can definitely help you crack the code with more ease. Try them and let me know if they work for you. The Redah Misbah Factor is my Facebook page and you can hit me up anytime to talk and share. Until next time, lovelies.

Love, Redah.