Spring Skincare Tips for All Skin Types

Happy Monday girlies! Winters are about to bid us a sweet farewell and the colors of spring are gonna bloom soon. What else needs to keep blooming with the spring is your skin (and others’ love for it) which is why it becomes vitally important to take care of your skin with the changing season. Where spring is the time of pleasant winds, it could also bring a wave of heat with it. This mix weather can impact skin, no matter what its type is. Where winter demands us to load our skin with cold creams and lotions, spring calls for a different treatment to keep our skin fresh, clean and glowing. This gives birth to my post that is about tips on how to flaunt a flawlessly beautiful skin during the season of colors.
The list is never ending but here are some of my personal picks. Ready? Let’s roll.


Like most of the women, if you haven’t really paid much attention to your body hair in cold winter days, don’t be embarrassed. I know we have been too busy with layering our body up ‘cause it’s COLD, so no shame! But now since the season of tossing off your hoodies and uggs is around the corner, your skin needs some preparation before you go for body hair removal.
Yes, I am talking about exfoliating. The best thing to get started with is a balanced body scrub. You can also go with the option of homemade scrubs like brown sugar and olive oil. Whatever you choose, gently (I repeat, gently) massage your elbows, knees, ankles, toes – basically the whole body. This will banish the dead skin and will make the process of body hair removal super smooth. Do this for a couple of days before you pull out that strip of wax!

Tone. Cleanse. Moisturize. Steam. Repeat.

If you are not into extensive beauty treatments and believe in basics then you’re one of the many women out there who fancy a lighter beauty treatment. Let me put it together to make it easy-peasy for you. All you gotta do to get a naturally beautiful looking skin this spring is to follow this 4-step beauty treatment (it’s tested and tried, so yeah). Daily toning, cleansing, moisturizing coupled with weekly facial steam and mask can make you get rid of the dead skin cells so that you can swiftly sweep into a spring-ready skin. It will also help tighten up your pores, maintain an oil balance and provide your skin with the required moisture. Not convinced? Try it yourself and thank me later!

Fun under the sun

Don’t we just love outdoor fun? I do. Where most of us like to hide under layers of clothes in winters, spring is the time that brings out our adventure-seeking side. I am talking about spring fests, Sunday brunches and countless strolls to your society park which involves a lot of sun. The easiest way of keeping your skin free from the aftermaths of such exciting experiences is the use of a good sunscreen lotion. Squeeze a handful of sunscreen, dab up your face, neck and arms and let your favorite SPF work its magic while you are out for springtime adventures.

Back to Basics

Since you are ready to swing into spring doesn’t mean you want to get your hands on EVERY beauty product out there. I recommend sticking to your basic makeup regime and don’t go wild about piling up your boudoir with the stuff you don’t really need. Trying new products is not bad but the excess of it can shift your skin’s acid balance and might trigger unwanted problems, you don’t want that, right? Holding on to your list of everyday essentials is best to do while drifting into the new season.

Mani and Pedi for the Win

Ladies, I am guessing that you haven’t thought twice about your hands and especially feet during winter months. With your hands and feet buried under mittens, gloves and socks, no one can blame you. Once you have said goodbye to them, say hello to your manicure and pedicure routine. File those nails, massage fingers and toes, dip them in warm water, moisturize them, get rid of the cuticles, put on a nice nail color and voila, you are ready to rock your favorite pair of sandals! Repeat it twice or thrice a month and I bet your spring is sorted.

Bump-up your water and vitamin intake

Winter’s almost over and so are your excuses to gulp down excessive hot beverage. It’s time to boost your water intake so that your skin is hydrated and ready for the hotter weather. You can refer to my previous post if you’re looking for ways to boost your water intake. Broadly speaking, 6 to 8 glasses of water a day are must to level your hydration needs.
The season also brings a lot of yummy and healthy fruits and you can go nuts munching on them. Fruits that are rich with antioxidants are excellent for your skin so make sure you are hogging them. Confused? Start with strawberries (they are hot this season and are my favorite!). If you still think that your skin is finding it hard to fight the weariness of winters then you can take help of some supplements. Be very careful with their selection and always go for an expert advice before calling the shots.

Having a beautiful, fresh and healthy skin is tough but not possible; it requires time, effort and consistency (I am sure it’s worth it). Hope we all make the best of this season while staying on point with our routines and beauty regimes. Let me know if my posts help you crack the code of a healthy lifestyle. Here’s to an ever-ready sensational skin, happy spring!

Love, Redah.