What’s in store for 2016

Rise and shine ladies! Hope you enjoyed the first drizzle of 2016 like I did. Where the new year brings a chance to change oneself for better, it also calls for some fashion updates. In 2016, where some would like to cross ‘skydiving’ or ‘swimming with the sharks’ from their bucket list, a fashion and beauty lover’s bucket list would be different (and safer too!). So before heading out for a fashion hunt, you must be curious about what’s in store for 2016? Here’s a guide for you about the latest revelations of the beauty and fashion world.

Fashion Trends 2016
Is 2016 a year of long shirts or short tops? While this debate becomes a phenomenon, I am gonna give you a heads up for some of the trends that are blazing up the international vogue. The trends are many but some of them created quite the buzz on runway. Some of them are my personal favorite (yeah, I am biased).

Denim Forever
If you are thinking that the fashion pack is done with denim affair, you might wanna rethink your notion. Where denim has always been a part of “Rough & Tough” jeans culture, many international designers are experimenting with the cuts and lighter denim fabric to make it a hot go-grab-it item this spring. Shirts, trousers, jackets, shorts and even handbags – Spring 2016 will be seeing different textures and hues of denim. So don’t be surprised to see a lot of denim in spring when designers and brands decide to roll out their seasonal collections.

Cold Shoulder
Every fashionista has loved off-the-shoulder top paired with snazzy pants for a bolder look once in a while. Well this silhouette is going to be a hot favorite in 2016. Where many designers showcased their collections at the start of 2016, most of them didn’t hold themselves from experimenting with this trend.

Robe Life
Robes are sexy, hands down. I recently came across this trending hashtags on Instagram (#robelife) and was amazed to see the rage. Where it is popular among girls, many labels have rolled out robes for men and it’s equally fascinating how men are pairing them up with ripped jeans and denims to pull off a trendy look.

The Victorian Era
Who doesn’t like to be fancy? I love floral prints and they have been in vogue for long now. Now what’s new in 2016 is their fusion with Victorian style. High collar necklines, ruffles, laces and puffy sleeves will set the pace of casual wear this season and I can’t wait for our designers to impress me with their take on this beautiful style.

Beauty Breakthroughs 2016
I think I don’t need new beauty products, said no girl EVER! Staying gorgeous on the go should be one of our everyday’s mantras. I take every new day as a new experience and if I look good while I am at it, well it’s even nicer. Like the latest fashion trends, there are some hotshot beauty products that are at the top of my bucket list this year.

Liner Whiner, No More!
Eyeliner perfects your look like the sunshine perfects a cold winter morning. Whether you are out for a family dinner or chilling with friends on any given evening, eyeliner can enhance your look to a great extent. I fell in love how cat-eyed tattoo artist Kat Von D experimented with different eyeliner styles. This year, Kat Von D Tattoo Liner is a winner! With its super fine tip and easy grip, you can ace your wing game without much trouble. Razor-sharp wings? Not a problem!

Mascara Mania
Talk about the obsession of having thick and long eyelashes and not even a single woman would deny it. Some cosmetic brands understand this obsession well and one of them recently rolled out mascara that is just magical. LANCÔME’s Grandiôse mascara promises nothing but naturally beautiful lashes. Its radical swan neck and perfectly angled brush cover the smallest lashes and give you a great blend of length and volume. So who else is tempted to get this one?

Hair Affair
Where some women have naturally straight hair, others might not. Wavy or curly hair are beautiful and if they are kept and treated in a healthy way, they add on to your sex appeal. But some occasions demand straight hair and smooth flicks to pull off a formal look. Besides, some girls like to straighten their hair on regular basis. Having this sort of routine surely calls for a product that reignites the natural shine and smoothness of hair. Well, Bumble and bumble just has the right product that seems to fix heat-tool damage with just one use. Bumble and bumble Hairdresser’s Invisible Oil Conditioner comes with a blend of six essential oils that not only nourishes your hair but also helps to fight damage done due to excessive ironing or even curling.

Hello Sun!
Summer in Pakistan (especially Lahore) can be dreadful and it can take away the radiance of your skin. Thanks to CLARINS, we should be less worried about the damaging effects of sun in summer. CLARINS Sunscreen Care Oil Spray SPF 30 smoothly protects your skin from chlorine-filled swimming pools and sun. So next time you’re out and about on a hot summer say, don’t forget to keep this beauty essential with you!

Lip Tip
A perfect lip color compliments the whole look and if it’s durable too, it’s blissful! For those who like to munch on every now and then (guilty as charged), a durable lip color is a must-have. Blurred lipstick has been a thing since 2014 but Maybelline New York has taken it to another level this year with its dual-ended pencil. Where its one end is a creamy matter lipstick, the other one is an eraser-like edge which helps to smudge away the pigment with ease. Thank you Maybelline, I can’t wait to get my hands on this one!

So these were some of the latest beauty and fashion trends I spotted. Hope you guys enjoyed reading today’s blog. Do let me know if you recently came across any interesting fashion trend or beauty product by simply leaving a message on my Facebook page. Have a fantastic week!